Five Is Your Quick Tips To Give Your Website A Boost.

Five Is Your Quick Tips To Give Your Website A Boost.

how to get quick as your results are

possible yes hi everybody my name is Altamash 

and today I'm going to tell you how

five are your quick tips to give your website a boost

in search of the small things that make the

big differences. I know that SEO is a long term process

but there are some things you can do

to speed up the process first of all SEO is mobile SEO so.

1.  Get Mobile-Friendly:

 if your site isn't mobile-friendly

you can get big SEO with this strategy

to check use google's mobile-friendly test if you don't pass

then it's time to get a responsive mobile-friendly design

for your site 

2.  improve site speed:

is a major ranking factor

so improving it's a big opportunity to run google's page speed insights tool

or another tool such as gt metrics to see how your site quality stands

3. fix your local listings get:

your company set up on GMB or google my business it's absolutely free

and you get the chance to appear in google's local search pack

which ranks above the first organic results you can improve your chances of

appearing in the top results by making sure your nape name address phone 

is consistent across the web google checks this information to determine

your business authority and rank

4. fourth optimize existing pages:

instead of focusing only on creating new the content, you can get some quick

SEO wins by optimizing existing pages

make sure your pages are following on pages your best practices

by optimizing your titles ads method descriptions headers body content.

5.  earn position 0 for future snippets

find keywords where you are ranking on

page 1

and future snippets are being served but

you currently don't have it optimize your pages to try and win the

future snippets easily especially for lists on blog posts

use the google search console to determine the candidate pages for this goal so start improving your

website traffic today you need just to do five things 

get mobile get faster get local get optimized and get zero position

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