How Copywriter Make Money? What Does Copywriter Do? 16 Ways To Make Money As Copywriter.

 Have you ever wondered what services you should offer as a copywriter? Today, I'm talking about 16 ways you can start making more money in your copywriting business.

Here is The Answer How Copywriter Make Money?16 Ways To Make Money As Copywriter.

  •  So the first is ads

1. Ads:


So this can include digital ads, like the ones you see on Google, Facebook, or Instagram, video ads like the ones you see right here on YouTube, or even printed ads that you might see in newspapers or in direct mail. Now the main purpose of digital ads of course

Is to get the click. Now with ads, in fact, with all forms of copywriting, it is very important to remember that your headline or that

The first few sentences of the text are the most important thing to get right.

Because in the age of the scroll, you have to master the art o crafting compelling headlines.

All great ads grab attention with a powerful hook.

All right, next up is email marketing.

2. email marketing.

Email Marketing Software

Yep. It's exactly what it sounds like. Emails sent out to a list of subscribers with the sole purpose of marketing something. Although a great email campaign should also add a lot of value and focus on building rapport with the list.

So depending on your client's needs,

they may ask you for many types of emails, like autoresponders or an indoctrination sequence, sales emails, content

Emails, affiliate emails or re-engagement emails.

As a copywriter, you can add all of these to your list of services but as a copywriter, your job is only to write these emails. You do not need to be the one to load these emails into your client's email-sending software unless you want to. I have never offered

To do this for a client because it is tedious and technical. And trust me you do not want to be the one

Who accidentally sends a draft to an entire list.

All right, next up is landing pages

3. landing pages.:- 

Landing Pages

It's like a sales page, but shorter, and used for the purpose of lead generation. So the number one job of your ad is to convert more eyeballs into clips,

and the number one job of your landing page is to convert more clicks into leads. You want to motivate and inspire a prospect to enter their information,

typically, their first name and email in exchange for a free high-value promise or what is more commonly referred to as a lead magnet.

All right, next up is sales pages.

 4. sales pages:-

Yep. The big one. This is what I like to call your moneymaker because not only is this the page that's gonna make your

clients the most money

And profit in their business, but it is also the page that you'll get paid the most money to write. The copywriting magic

need you to turn prospects

Into paying customers is where persuasion and psychology and major writing swagger comes into play.

In my opinion, all copywriters need to master this skill because it is what sets us apart from other content writers.

All right, next up are

5.homepages and website copy:-

So this is what I refer to as branding copy or authority copy. Well, conversions are still really important on your main homepage. Your brand message is everything.

Your homepage is the first thing people see when visiting your website, so you have to make a good first impression. The goal of a homepage is simple. To create trust, build authority, and offer the next steps.

All right, next up are About pages.

6. About pages:-

So with more and more audiences seeking out products, coaches and businesses that share the same values

That they have well written About page are a great opportunity to share a brand story vision, mission, philosophy and what makes them different. It's your way of answering the question, yeah, but who are you really? So as a copywriter you can offer this to anyone

Who doesn't already have an About page, or you can offer to revamp any About pages that are dull and less than inspiring. And in case you were wondering your job as the copywriter is t simply write these pages. That goes for landing page and sales pages and websites, not actually build them. 

All right, next up are promotional videos

7. promotional videos and video sales letters:-

So remember what I've been saying to you guys over and over and over again that video is the future? In fact, 87% of video marketers say

that video gives them a positive return on investment. So it's safe to say that yes video marketing is indeed where it's at, says the girl who spends hours and hours making video content every week.

Promotional videos are used for the purpose of promoting a specific marketing initiative, event, or product. They are typically short and

Sweet and get to the point. 

The copy part of promotional videos will include the videos titles, subtitles, or any copy that's used in the visual elements

Throughout the video.

And of course the script. And it's really important to remember that although copy is only part

of what makes a great promo video,

up to 85% of Facebook video are watched without sound. So make sure that the copy

You have in your script that shows in the subtitles is essential to boosting your conversions. So another type of video marketing that requires some major copywriting skills

Are VSL or video sales letters.

8. VSL’s or video sales letters:-

So video sales letters are similar to a written sales letters except they are written scripts rather than a written page, and they are showcased in video form. And again, your job the copywriter is just to write the script, not t produce the actual videos.

All right, next up are

9. product descriptions:-

Product Description

So product descriptions refer to that short little blurb of text that describes what a product is, what it does, and why

Someone should buy it. They've typically used i e-commerce stores where copy space for products is very limited but a common mistake that I see made all the time

Is boring product descriptions that just describe the product. You know, all features and no beanies. So great product description need to go deeper

Then the boring left brain needs to know stuff. You want customers to read your product and think, "Wow, okay. That is something I really need, it is interesting, unique, smart, funny, I have to get it." All right. Now that covers all the basics

of copywriting services, so let's move on to a

different service package

You can consider offering to your clients.

And that is content writing.

--content writing--

So as a professional copywriter, you'll find that a lot of businesses will ask you to do some content writing for them as well. And just like picking and choosing your copywriting services, you can and should use your own discretion on whether you'll offer content

Writing to your clients as well.

While copywriting is the art of crafting words for the sole purpose of conversion, content writing focuses more on engagement, education, and brand awareness. And there are various forms of content writing

that you can choose to include in your services

But today I'm gonna cover the five big ones that will be most beneficial to your clients.

11. The first, social media captions:-

Social Media Caption

Social media is a huge part of most brands and businesses marketing strategies these days. And if it's not already, then it definitely should be.

Because social media is where the majority of the population is hanging out on a day-to-day basis. Globally over 3.6 billion people use social media.

And that number is expected to increase to 4.4 billion by the year 2025 And handling your client's social media captions and content is a great way to get your foot in the door with a client that you just really wanna work with. Just remember that the main purpose of social media is to connected and engage with the audience.

So you should always be providing value in the form of educational entertainment or inspiration.

All right, next up are blog posts.

12. blog posts:- 

I mean, come on, everybody knows the power of blogging. Blogs are one of the best ways to get ranked

in Google searches and optimize your SEO. But the thing is most busy business owners just don't have the time o energy to pump out blog posts on a consistent basis.

And that's where you can step in and offer this as a service. As a minimum, you could at least do one blog post a week and then of course you

can go up from there.

All right, next up are newsletters.

13. newsletters:-


So these are weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly emails that get sent out t a list of subscribers. The purpose isn't necessarily to sell or promote anything directly but to rather build rapport trust, and credibility, and most importantly create

a sense of community. Because one thing i certain in this day and age, customers don't stick around with brands they don't feel connected

to on some level. So if your clients don't already send out consistent content-rich newsletters to their mailing list, they are missing out on a huge opportunity to cultivate a loyal following, and who can help them with that? Yeah, you got it.

All right. Next up are content videos.

14. content videos:-

Content videos are an awesome way to build a loyal following and brand. I know because I grew my entire business with content videos like this one. And yes, like promotional videos, all content videos start out as a script or at the very least a loose outline because even though they are personal and conversational, you still wanna make sure your content videos are informative and valuable and follow some sort of a framework.

Not to mention the need to craft compelling headlines and convince viewers to watch, like, and subscribe. So as a copywriter, you absolutely can ads content video scripts

to your list of services.

15. SEO:-

All right, next up is SEO, aka Search Engine Optimization. So essentially SEO is to focus on improving the visibility of your website by getting it to rank higher in the search engines. Now, I get asked this

all the freaking time, So if you wanna take things one step further and add SEO to your list of services you can definitely do that,

but you'll wanna make sure that you know more than me, just the basics if you're calling yourself

an SEO copywriter. The good news is the best SEO secret in the world is to write copy and content that I value, creates authority,

and gets people to stay and engage with your page or website, which as a copywriter you already know how to do

so you are one step ahead.

All right. Now the third category of services you could offer

as a copywriter is a number

three, marketing support.

 --marketing support--

So if you really wanna beef up your packages and the money you have coming in, you might wanna consider offering marketing services to your clients as well. Offering additional marketing support can make you invaluable to your clients because they're basically getting a unicorn,

someone who can write strategize, and implement and that is very, very hard to find. Of course, there's a whole slew of services that you could offer under this category, but let's just cover three that copywriters could easily add to their list of services.

So the first is community management.

16. community management:- 

So a major part of writing in business comes down to communication with your followers, subscribers and customer via email, membership sites, and social media. Customer support was the very first role I had at Mind Valley. So if you're looking to get your foot in the door with a brand you'd absolutely love to write copy for, why not offer community management as a service to showcase your writing ability.

All right, the next is a funnel building.

17. funnel building:-

Funnel Building

So if you have a more technical flare and you're familiar with online tools like GR funnels, ClickFunnels, Kajabi, or all the others, you can absolutely add funnel building to your list of services. So this is where you

Essentially create the pages and sales funnels that you are writing. Now, this is a highly valuable service that you can offer your clients because it will save them time from having to hire someone else or spend hours trying to do it themselves. 

All right now, lastly

18. marketing consulting:-

So this is something that you might start to offer after you've been in the game for a while and have developed a pretty solid understanding of the world of marketing. A marketing consultant is an advisor and strategist who works with companies to create and design marketing campaigns. So as a marketing consultant you could help create detailed marketing plans,

determine a business's marketing message and identify the right marketing mediums to most effectively get that message out to the masses. Now remember as a copywriter, you are really the best of both worlds. Word nerd meets marketing master.

 So pick and choose the services that resonate with you the most and never forget the value that you bring to the table.

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