3 Outdated Instagram Growth Tips Don’t Follow Anymore!

Instagram Reels, Carousel, IGTV And Some Methods Are Not Working In 2022 And Going On Years.

What's up everyone, welcome back to my Article the best place to learn how to get visible using social media and get paid using business strategy.(Don't Follow Outdated Methods On Instagram)

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Now in this blog  I want to expose myself now over on my Channel. I've done hundreds of videos about social media.

Now the thing with social media is that it changes every single year.,  if not every single quarter and if not every single month, and so I want to share with you guys some of the tips that I've previously said on my channel that I either no longer believe in anymore.

I no longer do and i no longer recommend, and so if you're interested in learning about some of the tips that I used to say that I don't really want you guys to do anymore.

Then keep watching now the first outdated tip that I have for you is back then I used to say that posting two to three times a week on Instagram is enough if you want to skyrocket your growth now I don't really believe this I think that if you are starting out and the focus is for you to get consistent.

I think posting two to three times a week is enough or even posting once a week is enough with the goal of you training yourself to be consistent on a platform,

but if your goal is to hypercharge or supercharge your growth on Instagram.

Then I really do think that you have to post a lot more on the platform if you do want to expand your reach now you might be wondering to yourself Vanessa why did you change your mind, for me the turning point was when I actually did my own experimentation.

When I did two to three times a week of posting it did get me results, but the moment that I actually increased the frequency to at least five times a week.

I more than doubled my reach, and so the reason why I also think that this strategy works now more than it did before,

because back then I used to say things like well if you post too much you might fatigue your audience, your audience might get really bored with it or might not engage as much, and it might impact your engagement.

But now in this day and age I feel like Instagram has done such a good job in introducing so many features that allow variety so for example you've got IGTV you've got Instagram Reels you've got carousel posts you've got single feed posts you've got videos you've got so many things to the point.

I feel like if you did post more often people won't be as upset by it, especially for me, one thing that we're trying to experiment with my social media team is we're trying up to two times a day instead of just once a day.

And so obviously you don't have to do it to that extent, and you also don't have to do it if it impacts your mental health or your consistency, but what I am saying is if you are at a level where you really want to supercharge your reach on Instagram.

 I highly recommend that you experiment with posting more frequently than just two to three times a week like I mentioned in my previous videos.

Now moving on to the third thing that I used to say a lot here on my channel that I want to add a disclaimer to so that we are all on the same page and that is when I used to say you can succeed even if you have a small following.

It is still true that you can succeed if you have a small following, but the thing is that you have to keep growing that following a lot of people they have the misconception, and they say themselves.

Oh, well this person says that I can succeed if I just have 100 followers and so let me just maintain it at 100 and not really necessarily grow it well over time you're going to exhaust your audience, and you're really not going to get a lot of benefit from just staying stagnant for the entire year.

You really need to make sure that you're constantly growing your following because at the heart of it, especially if you have a business, it's traffic.

 Think if you are selling a product or a service, and you're promoting that product and service to the same 100 people for the entire year do not be surprised if you plateau in sales or have a decline in sales and so just remember that having a small following is fine to start.

But you still need to make sure you're constantly optimizing, and you're constantly trying to grow that following, even if it means adding an extra 50 followers or an extra 100 or an extra five followers.

It doesn't necessarily mean that you need ten thousand to succeed. You can succeed with any type of following count, but you cannot succeed if your following count doesn't keep growing.

Or if it stays stagnant throughout years and years and years.

Now moving on to the next outdated tip that I have, but it's not necessarily outdated i just want to update it really and that is me always saying that you got to create shareable content via Instagram carousels.

Now I still stand by this. I think that creating Instagram carousels and creating content that is more shareable like quote posts or just carousel content like this is going to help you get more reach.

But I want to update that by saying if I could choose between Instagram carousels and shareable content versus Instagram Reels.

I would pick Instagram Reels, especially if you're strapped for time, and you don't have time to create graphics like this, and you only have a limited amount of effort that you can put into your account.

I would just focus on Instagram Reels straight up and the reason why I'm saying this is that when I compare my statistics because data does not lie, Instagram reals almost always beats the results.

That I get versus carousel posts now of course carousel posts are definitely something you should still bake into your strategy because I believe that there are two different goals that you should have with your content: the first goal is lead generation and the second goal is nurturing.

Instagram Reels

So I feel like Instagram Reels is perfect for lead gen because you're getting more reach, and you're getting more traffic especially since this is a feature that Instagram is pushing especially in this day and age versus shareable content pieces like this I feel like the purpose of it is more so nurturing yes you're going to get some reach with Instagram shareable content, but you're also going to be able to nurture audiences.

That already love your brand and are considering whether Or Not they should buy your product because at the end of the day there's only so much information that you can pack in a 15-second reels versus.

 What you can pack in a carousel post that's going to allow you to deepen the relationship that you have with your audience, and so I'm not saying that shareable content pieces like Instagram carousels and quote posts aren't good.

 I'm just saying that if you want to grow your account and get more reach, Instagram Reels is better.

Now at this point in the blog I have absolutely exposed myself in terms of tips that I used to share with you guys that I just want to update or at least clarify or remove entirely from your Instagram strategy.

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that I have here as well while you wait for next week's Article as always I appreciate you guys i hope you guys have a great day a great week and a great life and I will see you in the next Blog Post also don't forget to comment below and let me know what outdated advice that you believe is here on the internet that just needs to go

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