How I Can Find Best Niches' For Instagram And YouTube? What to do when you want to talk about everything?

 How can you find your niche when you're multi-passionate, or you can't decide because you just want to talk about everything.

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I'm going to teach you how you can niche down so you can niche out in this blog.

What's up everyone it's Altamash welcome or welcomes back to my article  where I post an Article every day teaching you the latest strategies and trends on social media to help bloggers influencers and content creators grow their brands,

Because I know how valuable your time is, and you already know why you're here, so let's get into it. I understand how hard and for some people scary it may be picking your niche. For me, it took a year and a half to finally find my niche and even.

Then I feel like it's ever-evolving, so for anyone who needs to hear this, there is no right or wrong decision.

Here, it's okay to feel completely lost. What you don't want to do is stress about picking the wrong choice when picking your niche, and then end up not picking anything at all.

So let's start with the basics. What is a niche for the sake of my sanity? I'm going to be saying niche through the entirety of this blog.

I am aware that niche and niche are both correct. Look up to anybody who googles how you pronounce niche. 

The answers are going to vary depending on where you live in the world.

Because they're both correct, so let's not argue about it in the comments. I'm going to say niche because it came from I guess France or the French.

So we'll give it to the French this time. Okay, the niche is defined as a specialized segment of the market for a particular kind of product or service.

I think everybody is wonderful at dissecting that first part of the definition, specialized segment of the market. That's where we get people saying they're like in the beauty fitness fashion travel education niches, all of that.

However, it is not enough to just say your niche is fitness. You need to get even more specific focusing on a more fixed area of the market let me show you a few examples of what an okay versus a great niche would be okay is fitness versus fitness from home for busy moms travels versus budget-friendly international travel.

Fashion versus eco-friendly 70s fashion do you guys see the little differences there how they're more honed in on a specific segment of the market.

Now attention disclaimer warning lifestyle is not a niche before you even comment that please don't comment saying lifestyle is your niche.

So if you've been saying that your niche is a lifestyle now is the time to change that because social media is too saturated, and it makes it almost impossible for you to grow as a brand with such a broad niche so saying you're a lifestyle blogger puts you at a massive disadvantage because you're talking about everything coffee life food fitness travel you're talking about everything and if you've ever heard the saying if you're talking to everyone you're talking to no one.

That is what you're doing, you're talking too many areas and nobody is connecting with you.

If you're wondering, well why can jlo do that, but I can't, it's because jlo is already well known, so she could talk about literally anything and everybody's going to swoon.

But if you are starting, and you are just starting to grow, and you don't quite have a platform, yet lifestyle is not going to help you at all, harsh and honest truth.

You heard it here first folks please do yourself the favor of not picking a lifestyle, let me share with you my story because I'm a prime example of making this exact mistake for the longest time.

I said my niche was a lifestyle I would binge dozens of YouTube videos that told me I needed to pick a niche and I would actually roll my eyes because I'd be like I already have one man was I wrong to not listen to them so let's take a look at my Instagram account during my lifestyle phase.

When somebody was to land on my profile, as you could see, it wasn't very clear what I was doing. Why should they follow me if they didn't know what journey I was going to take them on, what was the point of them following me?

Being a multi-passionate person it was really hard for me to find my niche but eventually when I did because of that I was able to grow and now that I've grown I'm able to niche out and start talking about other areas of life that I wanted to talk about in the first place.

So niche down to niche out okay so how do you find your niche the moment we've all been waiting for the magic answer of finding your niche when you can't decide I'll do one better.

I'll give you four answers. How about those four ways that you could find your niche because one of these might work for you and the rest might not.

Just try them all out and see what sticks okay number one try it all literally if you don't know your niche test posting about your passions try posting one entire week when you're focusing on fashion.

One entire week when it's makeup and then organization tips and then food whatever it is that you're passionate about trying it all do one week.

At a time, focusing on each area, you'll probably discover that posting and writing about one topic comes a little more naturally to you than other topics.

Will this be something that helped me? I didn't know what I wanted to do, so I just tried it all, and eventually, I found my footing it's okay to eventually find your footing number two is to write to your target audience about what you want to be known for you get to choose.

What you want to be known for this is the great thing even if you don't know your niche you might have an idea of whom you want to reach I didn't know what my niche was, all I knew was.

I wanted to reach out to women and inspire them. That was all that I knew so I started with trying to write inspiring captions and encouraging women number three is to make a list of everything you want to talk about on your page.

This list is often referred to as your brand pillars like if you had a website what would all the categories be on that website now under each of the categories that you wrote down start listing out post ideas.

If you wrote down fashion as one of the topics under fashion you would write five ways to style a blazer and what to wear to a job interview.

So on any ideas or post ideas, you could think of you'll find that some areas are easier for you to think of content ideas for than others.

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The ones that come more naturally are the ones you should focus on.

For, and the last one is my favorite: combine your passion with your zone of genius.

Make a list of everything you're passionate about and then on another list ask some people who are close to you.

If you could come to me for advice on anything, what would it be or what are some things I'm perfect at oftentimes the things that come most naturally to you are things that you wouldn't be able to think of on your own.

You need that extra perspective to bring it to your attention, so this strategy is how I discovered mine.

I wrote down a list of everything I was passionate about whether it was business-related or not, do everything that I loved from coffee to true crime organized

everything Instagram all the things, just made a list and then on a drive home.

I was also wonderful at organization and those are things that I overlooked, and I was like well duh it's so natural like everybody knows how to organize their spreadsheets or everybody knows how to organize their business, but those were things that were natural to me not natural to everybody else.

I am here today to test out some of those strategies and let me know if any of those worked for you. Which one worked best for you was one, two, three or four let me know in the comments below if you've already made it.

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