Ultimate Guide For Snapchat Marketing From Beginner To Experts Level Business.

Snapchat Marketing From Beginner To Experts Level.

The good thing is about Snapchat there's really not a ton that you need to know so if you want to learn how to market on Snapchat stay tuned.

Snapchat marketing guide

So why is Snapchat important for marketing? Let's look at some quick information about the platform first and foremost they have 191 million active daily users and get about 10 billion views per day.

 so that's a decent-sized social media marketing platform now let's look at the demographic breakdown because this is where it becomes a little different from most of the other platforms out there

 Number one is the fact that the majority of the platform is under the age of 35 okay and actually, the majority of that group of people or age group of people is actually under 24 saying that Snapchat is a super young user base or user audience so if you have a product that caters or a service that caters to a younger demographic getting on this platform and making sure that you're reaching younger people and getting them.

How Snapchat Audience work

 to engage and talk with their parents about your product or service and getting them to buy it for you is still going to be an effective method and something that you want to consider and a cool thing is about 74% of the users 18 to 24 use it daily.

 that is a huge demographic of people that are using this platform every single day meaning you're gonna have an easy way to reach those users.

 now obviously since it has such a different demographic of users compared to platforms like Facebook or Instagram the competition is actually a lot lower on Snapchat than the other platforms.

 so if you are looking for a way to use your budget more effectively with a younger audience this is gonna be the best way for you to do that.

another benefit that Snapchat has is it seems a little more authentic because of the fact that there aren't just ads being thrown in your face the entire time you're on the platform you don't really feel like you're in the middle of a business transaction whereas on Facebook and Instagram you might have that feeling so understand the difference here is that it is not ad-driven even though this is how Snapchat is making a lot of their income and their revenue.

  • the user experience doesn't really seem like you're bogged down with ads so that is a huge benefit to you as an advertiser not to mention even when you are creating ads on Snapchat they're used in a native way meaning they're kind of split in between your friend's stories and you know ads stories that you're trying to see because you visited a website. previously.

so it seems more authentic more native to the platform so have you used Snapchat as a marketing tool yet either for yourself your agency or your clients if so I'd like to know how you've been using it and how it's been effective or not effective what has worked or what hasn't worked,

 leave it in the comments right below this video. From there I'll pick one story that somebody leaves down there or one explanation somebody leaves down there and we'll give away a mentorship program to one lucky winner so how our business is using Snapchat to promote their products and their services of their content is the coolest thing about.

 Snapchat actually allows you to add links into a story that you create or even with a message that you're sending to a potential viewer or audience member and that allows you to easily let them swipe up,

which you've heard that phrase or that terminology before but that then takes them to a landing page of some kind whether that be on your website or a lead magnet or whatever it is that you're trying to drive them to the great thing is anybody can do this and it can be super beneficial to get new traffic to your websites

 especially in an area or a space that is less competitive the second thing you can do is create a Snapchat ad obviously that is a way to promote your business on Snapchat now.

  •  Snapchat ads aren't very popular and the reason why is because they do have a fifty-dollar minimum per day as far as your ad spend is concerned and again the demographic is much much younger than any other platform so it makes it more difficult to reach audiences at large.

 but the good thing is Snapchat ads are really easy to execute because again all you're really doing is shooting a quick story with a swipe up call and so really all you're trying to do is focus on making your story or whatever the ad is going to be about super engaging and super interesting.

 something that's going to catch my attention and draw me to swiping up another great benefit is it's very similar to setting up a Facebook ad so if you've seen anything like that before you really don't have to learn anything new about Snapchat ads another way to promote your content on Snapchat is to use sponsored lenses and sponsored lenses are a way that you can actually pretty much submit your brand for other people to use and attach to their stories.

  • now this is a lot more expensive than some of the traditional ways of marketing but it is a super-effective way to spread awareness about your brand next is going to be running simple contests and you can easily use Snapchat as a platform to run a contest by creating stories and then again adding a swipe up feature to a landing page.

 where they can sign up for a contest or join a messenger list to get updated about a particular contest. Sneak peeks are actually a really great way to drive people to your content or to your website.

now what you can actually do is start creating content about a product or service that hasn't launched yet or maybe a vent and event your hosting that hasn't come out yet you know you can actually create content and people enjoy seeing stuff before it actually happens.

 another way is behind the scenes type of content people like to see what's going on behind the scenes and see that you know you're just a business you engage with other people just like any other group of friends or anybody else out.

 there in the corporate world would so make sure that if you're creating content show them what people are doing at your office show them what's actually really going on in your day to day life or operations and like I mentioned in the beginning.

  •  everything with snapshots is pretty simple so to look at the data for your Snapchat account really all we're looking at is views and engagement as far as swipes right how many people have actually swiped up and clicked something and how many people viewed it another thing you could look at is screenshots because people screenshot are stuff like will post a quote sometimes and people will screenshot it and save it for later or reuse that as content right. 

so there are really three things you're checking the two most important ones are our impressions and clicks or views or swipe ups right.

Snapchat features and uses

 Anything like that is going to be important and then if you see people screenshotting something it might be super valuable to that audience especially if someone or if a particular story has a ton of screenshots taken of it right that might mean something you can use for another piece of content later or even another campaign later.

  • I want to talk about Snapchat marketing is an understanding that is actually a great platform for communication as well so by that I mean using it as a customer service Avenue for people to send messages to you and communicate with you about your products or services.
  • what's going on with the business problems they may be having or successes that they might have had or you know a love that they have for the product or service it makes for a great communication platform at least for younger audiences because that's where they're already communicating on a day-to-day basis.

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