When is the best time to post on Instagram post and reels expert advice?

When is the best time to post on Instagram?

what is the best time to post on Instagram

Is it different for reals versus static images? In this blog, you will learn how Instagram has answered this question, what social experiments have pointed to and what experts have to say.

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you already know why you're here so let's get into it if you want to keep this blog short and sweet let's go over what Instagram says.

when it comes to the best time to post on Instagram:

is there an optimal time to post this is what he said there is no one optimal time to post but I do think it's usually good early in the day for most of your followers and if you go to your insights you can actually see what type of day you have the most followers and I'd like personally to post before that peak starts to grow?

there are three important things to note:

advice: one knows where your target audience is located.

know your audience on Instagram

For example, I'm based in San Diego but most of my audience here on Instagram is actually based in New York so if I wanted to pop up in their feeds first thing in the morning posting 9 a.m at nighttime might be too late for me them because that's 12 p.m.

their time so maybe a better time for me to post would be 6 to 7 am.

The second thing he notes is to post before peak times if you're using Instagram's insights as a guide you want to post right before that peak goes up.

taking a look at my insights on Instagram we see that they look like this which basically confirms what I was just saying about the best time for me to post might be 6am my time which is 9am.

over in New York and then throughout the day the rest of my followers in the US will wake up and they'll continue to build engagement with my post. The third thing to note is that there is no perfect time there is no perfect time it does not exist.

I hope that this is the one takeaway you all get with this blog if you're doing research because you're trying to figure out what the best time to post is and this research and this perfection mindset.

you have to know what the exact time to post is actually stopping you from posting you need to stop doing research to allow yourself to have posted.

that will flop simply just because and give yourself permission to learn as you go you don't need to be perfect here nobody is expecting you to be perfect.

We just want you to show up exactly as you are. Everyone's optimal post time is going to look different depending on where you're located and who your target audience is.

is and there are so many factors that go into figuring out what that optimal post time is for you and the best way to figure that out is by testing it out.


Now that we've talked about what Instagram said, let's take a look at some social experiments and what the data from these experiments have looked like.

first, let's take a look at reels and when the best time to post reels would be the influencer marketing hub posted an article that I'll link down below which analyzed over 100 000 short-form video content posts and their engagement rates globally on Instagram to find the best average time to posts for users who are wanting to increase their engagement rates for reels specifically.

This is what their results looked like: all the times you see listed on this image are stated in eastern Mylanta never gonna get a job as a newscaster.

I should have done vocal warmups. All the times you see in this image are stated in eastern standard time and in the article they noticed they had a few times with particularly high levels of engagement peaking on Tuesday at 9am, Thursday at 12 p.m, and Friday at 5am.

eastern standard time if you want to find the average best posting time based on all of those times the average best posting times poster reel is 11 a.m.

the eastern standard time now if you want to get really picky and weigh.


The peak times listed are a little bit heavier than the average time to post reels falls between 9 and 11 a.m.

eastern standard time if you want even more tips for how you can increase the chances of your reels going viral.

Now let's talk about static posts or static images in your feed.

I later posted an article that I will also be linking down below where they analyzed 35 million posts excluding reels IGTV videos to find the average best time to post on Instagram for each day of the week and they included several key locations.


This is what their results looked like for the best time to post.

all of these times are listed in pacific standard time so if you want to find the average best time to post we're looking at 7 a.m.

pacific standard time which would be 10 a.m.

eastern standard time which if you think about it it's actually pretty similar to the best time to post for reels. Something that I really love about the article posted later is that they didn't stop.

there they also included the worst times to post on Instagram here you can see that on average 2 to 3 p.m

instagram post timing

pacific standard time is technically the worst time to post.

a static image on Instagram if you're wondering how I'm doing like the average time it's just simple math y'all I'm adding up each of the times.

that I see on the calendar if it's past 12 pm I'm doing military time dividing it by how many times I add it up and that is your average.

Does that make sense? It's simple math. Finally, I know a lot of people who are reading my blog. They read from around the world, not just in the United States, so here is a fun graph showing suggested times depending on your location from what I understood with the article.

these times are based on that location's local time now I'm curious based off of all this information and all the charts

I showed you what you think is the best time to post.


do you agree or do you disagree with these graphs let me know down in the comments below here is my advice yes I am the expert opinion I've been teaching people how to grow on Instagram since 2020 I've done successfully for my clients' hundreds of my students so I'm the expert opinion all right at the end of the day?

How do you pick the best time that works for you? I'm 100% in agreement with Mr. Missouri. It sounds like he could be like a rapper.

Maybe I don't know if we will see that okay. I'm agreeing with Adamusserie to know who your target audience is and post.

when they are awake and the most active if you don't trust the research the articles or Instagram insights do your own testing that's what I did back in 2020 I had a google spreadsheet because I didn't trust the Instagram analytics and every day I wrote down the time that I posted and I would keep track of every time I posted.

what time it was when I posted the average likes and comments nowadays I'd recommend keeping the reels and your static images separate on the spreadsheet and then after 30 days of testing or at least having 30 posts with data on your spreadsheet find an average time that was performing well for you

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finally, if you're somebody that's like [Laughter] I don't trust Instagram I don't want to do my own testing so how do I pick the best time to create your own dang schedule got it no really create your schedule think of the Instagram kind of like youtube.

thank for reading instagram article

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