10 Common Instagram(IG) Marketing Mistakes And How To Avoid Them Properly!

10 Common Instagram Mistakes And How To Avoid!

Instagram Mistakes To Avoid

I see lots of people making these mistakes daily On Instagram.
So here is a quick run-down of what you should be doing instead.

1. Use relevant hashtags:

If you post a mindset tip but use a hashtag 'cats' or 'cool stuff that is a waste of hashtag, you won't be discovered there and can be reported for posting something that doesn't belong!

2. add closed captions to videos and your stories:

ESPECIALLY YOUR STORIES. People tend to swipe through them on mute. And if there is no text on screen, they will just skip through your stuff without a second thought.

3. Post when you know you'd also be engaged to bring that engagement towards your latest post.

4. Optimize your bio and name with your niche and biz related keywords.

5. If you don't talk about your offers, people will look at your posts and think 'cool beans, but do they actually look for clients?'

OR if you only talk about how amazing you are and how amazing offers you have and NO-VALUE - people will not want to buy from you, because there will be no trust/credibility.

6. Last but not least - linktree:

Don't add too many random links. Keep them as relevant as possible, link to book a call, link to your freebie, link to your offer.

7. The biggest mistake a marketer can make is to not make reels:

This is the best to grow on Instagram organically as well as promote your products and services as IG is actively promoting reels.

In order to get your reels to work, you should add a hook in the 1st 3 seconds of your reel so that your audience goes through your entire reel, add a CTA at the end of the reel and use the description box to describe your reel well without using more than 5 hashtags so that it looks professional.

Occasionally, you can also post some infographics and pictures on your account. Also, make sure that you actively post stories as it's a very good way to engage with the customers.

8. Not having a social media marketing plan:

If you want to grow your account and see real progress, you need to be consistent. Diving into the world of Instagram marketing without a comprehensive strategy calls for a disaster.

How to fix this mistake:

Figure out what campaigns you want to run,

Create descriptive content and image for the campaign, and

Target your potential audience

9. Not Engaging With your followers:

The point of social media is for followers to interact with your content and posts. Those posts are practically useless if you do not have people to engage your content.

How to fix this mistake:

Spend some time engaging with people in your niche (you can find them through hashtags)

Ask a question in your caption or on your stories

Engaging your potential customers will help you in gathering marketing information.

10. Not Measuring your metrics

When you ignore Instagram analytics, you might miss out on important information that could help you plan future campaigns. Your analytics show you what content is getting results and wasting precious resources. Analytics also help you to get to know your audience better.

How to fix this mistake:

Know which metrics to track; and

Use the right tools

So, you might be guilty of some or all of the Instagram mistakes mentioned above.

Fear not! It’s not too late to get back on track. I hope this helps.

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