What Are The Changes In The New Instagram Updates? New Instagram Updates 2022-2023 !

Instagram New Update Features 2022-Altamash

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 I'll break down the most important updates that just arrived or are Arriving shortly.

So you'll be ready for it stay with me, I'm altamash a Social Media strategist welcome to my Blog where I share practical advice to build your brand.


Today, we all know how much Instagram loves to spring updates on us.

Today, there are a few essential ones that you need to know about.

1. the first big Instagram update that you need to know about update number one Reels are now worldwide:😍

This might not seem like big news, but it is, your reels can now be seen by a lot more people than before.

Obviously, reels have been on Instagram for years and on Facebook since last year in the US Mexico India and Canada only, but now it is worldwide.

Here's a note from adam moseri head of Instagram who often shares news on updates with creators directly on his Instagram so if you're an Instagram creator the reason why this matters is you can decide if you like to share your reels from Instagram to Facebook too.

This is a way to increase the number of people that you can reach, and if you're a creator on Facebook, make sure to check out all of our different creation tools.

 Remix the ability to make any story into Reels and there'll be a lot more editing features coming soon.

More editing features coming soon, and Adam also says that monetization tools are coming to Instagram Reels.

This makes perfect sense, it will be all caught up with other features available on feed and stories.

So that is a significant update because the reels that you work hard on can now reach more people.

 2. Number two private story likes:😍

Now I'm not sure if it was time to go with Valentine's Day, but that's the day that this feature dropped where now users can like someone's story without it sending them a dm now on someone's story you'll spot a heart in the bottom right.

Do you see it there, tap that as I'll do here on my test account now from the perspective of the account holder rather than getting a dm?

 When someone likes your story they'll see it rolled up on the story's view sheet a little heart next to their Instagram handle, this is a welcomed update since it's kind of annoying to get a dm and to keep your inbox organized.

If someone is just replying with a heart with a like so that's one update that's being received well by users and there are a few more, let's keep going.

3. update number three chronological feed:😍

Now wait at the time of writing this blog chronological feed is not here yet so then why did I include it well this can change any day because Instagram confirmed it's definitely coming this year check out this tweet from the end of last year from Instagram this new function would give people the option when selected to see posts from people they follow in chronological order but wait they quickly clarified.

In this tweet, they're not automatically switching everyone back to the chronological feed.

 The way things used to be, but instead giving users more options, so you'll have the choice you might not have the choice yet.

I'm sure I'll hear from a few of you in the comments but don't worry you will soon I have one more update for you on this.

4. video update:😍

A new way to confirm identity for lost accounts is sure not the most exciting news in the world, however, if you're someone who's lost access to your account then you definitely care about this Instagram says they're testing a way that would enable you to ask friends to confirm your identity.

Those friends would go through a verification process on their end to confirm you are in fact who you say you are, and once that's completed you'd have the ability to set a new password.

Seems like a good idea, absolutely creative and unique from other websites and services.

In terms of what they offer if you're ever locked out this update hasn't happened yet, but they're testing it out, so I wouldn't be surprised if it's something we see very soon popping up on the horizon so there you go that's what's new on Instagram or what's coming soon in terms of updates.

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