The Best 25 LinkedIn Marketing Strategy For Your Business and Personal Use 2022-2023 | (Step By Step Proven Methods For LinkedIn Growth)

Hey, guys so welcome back Blog once again so I'm going to make a point to not do that today I'm just going to say hey hope you're all doing.

LinkedIn Marketing Strategy
well, welcome back to another Blog it's going to be another LinkedIn one which a lot of you will be happy to hear today I'm going to go over the best Linkedin marketing strategy for 2022.

I know we're already like just the third month in but better late than never I've written out an eight-step plan in terms of chronological order and the most important things that you need to consider when you are implementing a LinkedIn marketing strategy.

this one is a big one so I'm gonna get straight into it when you first implement a strategy on LinkedIn.

1. the number one question you need to ask yourself so this is step one know your audience:👪

who is your avatar what do they look like on surface level in terms of the geographical location where are they based what kind of companies do they belong to is that a solo entrepreneur is it a fortune 500 company um so company headcount stuff like that not just surface-level emotional level do you understand the people that you're selling to what keeps them up at night what drives them what are they most afraid of.

um, what are they trying to achieve what will that achievement mean for their personal lives like you've got two different levels of understanding?👪

you've got the surface-level emotional level you want to make sure that you do that work before you even look at any social media strategy on any platform you need to know who you're marketing to otherwise all your efforts are going to be void and it's just going to be luck.👪

whether or not it works so that's step number one.

2. step number two is optimizing your profile:💛

how to rank your profile towards the top so if anybody is searching for people like you with your specialty you're more likely to come up at the top, not your competitors which is what we always want and it's also good to act as a landing page.


so that when we reach out to people without outbound messaging when they have a look at our profile is answering three questions so and this is actually really important.


I didn't even think of this before so when somebody looks at your LinkedIn profile they are subconsciously like probably not aware of it but they're looking to answer three questions to themselves as fast as possible and those three questions are:

1. number one is this person useful to me.🙇

2. number two is this person credible so the social proof is where that comes in big time.🙇

3. number three is interacting with this person is useful and beneficial to me right now so timing sense of urgency.🙇

if you can answer those three questions throughout how you layout your profile you are on to a winner like your profile isn't a cv.

it is a landing page you have a purpose for it like what conversion do you want to gain from somebody who goes onto your profile.

do you want them to message you?💬

do you want them to go to your website?

do you want them to read a blog post?🕮

you need to set it up in a way that asks for that response so that's.

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3. number three is to grow your network strategically: 

so when I grow my network I tend to grow bearing two different types of people in mind:

1. number one is thought, leaders:🎉

these could be direct competitors these could be indirect competitors just in a general space that I am interested in or that kind of overlaps with the training and the teaching that I do um and that's mainly just for like curiosity stay curious you never know enough.

I know there's still so much for me to learn about LinkedIn like I know quite a bit but that keeps on being noisy in the background.

 I know quite a bit but there's always more to learn there are more people out there that maybe know something that I don't know I probably know something that they don't know so it's good to always stay curious no matter what your level of expertise.

2. the second type of people is clients:🎉

so people that I see as ideal prospects that I want to bring into my network so they can be exposed to my content which I'll speak about in a second and they will either come to me inbound.

when it's the right time they might never approach me if I approach them outbound they might not convert but if they do I know that it's ideally my kind of client.

 like I can pre-qualify them to an extent so that's how I would grow my network

 you can grow using the free version of LinkedIn um or you can grow using sales nav which I'll go into a little bit more in a second so.

4. step number four I believe we're on four or three we're on three number four is implemented a content strategy:🎉

this is so important it used to be a lot easier to grow on LinkedIn the organic reach used to be insane and then they kind of made it.

a little bit worse because obviously like every major social media platform they want to make money like that's the end goal.

 so if it's Instagram

 if it's Facebook 

 if it's tick tok

 if it's LinkedIn 

they have advertising capabilities and now to get more and more reach in any platform that you use

ads are the way forward so it is harder to get organic growth but it's not impossible when it comes to content you have to think about who you're creating your content for.

I'm gonna give you something right now and it's a free tool this transforms marketing for me um it might not be a big deal to a lot of people but this is something that I always use when it comes to optimizing my profile.

if I'm coming up with like a new offer service I want to edit my profile or use this tool beforehand for research if it comes to content.

 I'll use this tool first up and then I'll also use it when it comes to outbound messaging to identify pain points or the kind of content I can create as value leaders.

when I reach out to people that are 🎯

Answer the public using for LinkedIn growth Strategy
I'm gonna put it up here this website's amazing there is a paid version I've never used but on the free, it will limit the number of searches that you can do but if you're aware of who your target audience is you're not going to need that many searches you just need to know what keywords like one to two keywords that relate to your niche.

 put them in that search engine and it will literally show you in order of search volume so the darker green is the more searched lighter green less such.

all of the questions that people are asking include that word or phrase that you've put into the search engine so it'll show you like

what, where, who, why, how I can't remember the other ones.

I'm going to put it up on the screen and I'll kind of walk you through.

 it is as I'm talking about it but (answer the public) has been an absolute just lifesaver and the main reason is when it comes to like marketers obviously we have a bit of pride like we know we're good at what we do and we like to think that.

Best LinkedIn Marketing Strategy For Beginners
we know what's best for our clients a lot of time we do know what's best for them but sometimes we don't know what they want or what they're looking for and this kind of removes that assumption and it gives you facts and numbers like in this case.

like this kind of data it doesn't lie like it's taken straight from the source so instead of me thinking you know.

what I think my clients want me to create content on or they want to know about or they're probably asking this question a lot.

 sometimes it's completely different and I'm like oh I actually hadn't even thought about that and it helps me put the buyer first.

which I'll go into in a second um but yeah answer public lifesaver.

5. step number five is outbound selling:🎉

now I've spoken about inbound versus outbound in early Blog inbound we know is people coming to us this mainly comes from content and word of mouth referrals stuff.

like that and then outbound is when you're going out and chasing that bread.

is that I've never said that before I don't know let's say let's ignore that you're going out you're going to approach that person it is you reaching out to them the main thing to bear in mind when it comes to outbound is buyer fast-selling this is the future this is what everybody is I've been speaking about.

since I started my Blog personalization putting the buyer first above your own needs is the direction in which virtual sales and selling as a whole is moving in and there is much more importance and weight that's being placed behind.

 so outbound I actually want to give you a quick little fact which I saw on a LinkedIn blog um when I was preparing this Article which is the following 90 of c-suite executives don't respond to impersonal b2b sales.

 6. step number say six I believe yeah six is a referral scheme:🎉

now, this is one that you're probably like oh I didn't expect you to throw that in there a lot of the people I speak to when I first start working with clients and they're talking about generating new leads generating new business is what about a current business that you have and current opportunities that you maybe haven't explored yet.

like you want to knock on different doors see which one's open when it comes to referral schemes are there people like happy clients that you currently work with or that have worked with in the past.

that you haven't said hey do you mind just waiting for that to go past.

 um I've got my trail 

of thought um that you haven't reached out to and said"hey do you know anybody that would actually be a really good fit"

 um for my services most of the time clients like happy clients will do this by themselves.

but if you haven't asked ask them and ask them and even have an incentive to set up a referral scheme where you say to any of you that refer me a client which I end up signing up.

 I'll give you a 30 commission on the first month of us.

 working together or I'll give you a 10 recurring commission um every single month for as long as they stay to come up with a referral scheme and an incentive and that will work.

 as a really good way for current business to continue generating new business in the background whilst you also work on your outbound marketing strategy as well so referral scheme

7. super important number seven uses a CRM:

this is something I learned the hard way and I didn't actually implement for quite a few years which is really bad it should have been like a two-month learning curve I didn't use the CRM um for about six months and then I just kind of got lazy and just wouldn't track it and then I'd have a month where I wouldn't make as much money and be like damn who can go back to and then it was always a nightmare trying to scroll through the emails of the people I had a call with and they hadn't followed through.

so get a CRM it doesn't have to be pricey you can use a spreadsheet it can be free you can use something like Pipedrive.


I think zopto is another one and there are so many options available in the market so just take a look um but there's no excuse like using a spreadsheet and tracking your conversions...

LinkedIn Marketing Using Zopto Metaverseandseo
if you don't track you cannot optimize this is like the 101.

like think of it as a scientific experiment that's how I view my messaging strategy and that's what I'm going to go on.

8. step number eight split test and optimize:🎉

so once you've been using one set of messaging or one type of content you want to take a look at your numbers from that you want to note them down and say okay.

when I send out 100 messages saying this I get this many acceptance this many people.

I accept there are many people that respond to me in a positive way this many people that convert into a meeting and this many people that close once.

you have that information you can say okay what happens if I change this variable about the messaging do the same thing track the numbers where do you see a higher close rate at the back end and then you can do the same thing for different elements of your marketing.

so you can do that for messaging you can then do that for content you could split test video versus photo use split test photo versus text you could split test photo versus carousel there are so many different ways you can mix and match.

 it's kind of just like a b testing if you were doing Facebook ads or like paid traffic do the same thing for your organic methods of marketing as well so I think that's it they're my eight of my eight steps to having an awesome LinkedIn marketing strategy for 2021.


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