How To Create Super Shareable Content On Instagram And Increase Engagement?

Why is it important to have your content shared?

How Too Create Shareable Content

1. Shareable content increased brand awareness. By having your content shared, it will reach more people!.

Quite a few of those people might not even know you existed…until now.

2️.It drives your engagement. Imagine your content liked and commented on by much more people!

3️.It can generate extra leads! More eyeballs on your stuff mean more potential clients seeing it.

Of course, it is not that easy to create shareable content.

It can and will take some time until you nail what your audience likes.

👉 These tips will help you go in the right direction and get those creative juices flowing.

✅ Make sure your content is visually pleasing, your content has to stand out in the crowd.

✅ Your content needs to be useful to your audience. It needs to speak their language and address topics that are important to them (within your expertise, of course).

✅ Use evergreen content, something that is relevant now and will be for a while and therefore it is useful to your audience. However, don’t miss out on trends. Successfully hopping on trends can help you get more shares. But before you hop on a trend - do make sure that talking about Aquaman’s divorce makes sense for your brand.

✅ Infographics are a mix of being visually pleasing AND useful for your audience. So an occasional infographic that fits your content strategy is a great tool to try.

✅ Write good captions! Keep your language simple and don’t use jargon your readers might not understand. And add a CTA (call to action) asking to share, save or comment on your post to boost engagement.

Best Time To Post On InstaInstagram 

How To Increase Your Instagram Engagement?

Engagement is an important metric to look at to know what content your audience is resonating with.

Also, having more engagement helps boost your post to reach new audiences on explore page and hashtags, increasing brand awareness.

Here are a few suggestions to help you increase your engagement on Instagram.

How To Increase Your Instagram Engagement?

👉 Show up on stories and use engagement stickers. Firstly, people connect with people and stories is a great way to show more of your personality, behind-the-scenes stuff, and share things you normally wouldn’t share on your feed. That really helps build the ‘know, like, trust factor with your audience. 

👉Secondly, use the engagement stickers and ask people questions, and opinions. It’s a great way to build rapport with your audience and even get their opinions for market research purposes.

👉 Create and share relatable memes. People LOVE to share memes. They are a great way to relate to your audience in a quick way. Regardless of your niche or industry, there is an opportunity to create a meme. Just make sure it ties into your content strategy and you are good to go!

👉  Create shareable and savable content. Visually pleasing quotes and infographics (and posts in general) are a great way to drive engagement. People love to share and save the heck out of those!

👉 Include a Call-to-Action in your captions. For example, you can ask people for engagement if they resonate with your post (such as double-tap, share, save). Also, you can ask people a simple question that they can answer in the comments.

👉 Use relevant hashtags. Hashtags are the cherry on top of a good post. Use hashtags that are relevant to the post, your industry and your ideal clients, and that will help you get discovered outside of your home feed.

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