How To Grow On Instagram And All Other Social Media Channels? What Are The Trick of Instagram Hashtags?


How To Grow On Social Media

Sharing our favourite general strategies to GROW on social media πŸŽ‰
Do this ✨

→ Diversify content for each platform

→ Interact regularly

→ Plan your strategy

→ Give, give, give

→ Focus on audience⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Instead of this ✋

→ Post the same content in all of them

→ Post & ghost

→ Be rushed

→ To sales oriented

→ Make it all about you⠀

One of the best ways to channel what your audience wants to see is to try and take yourself out of your role as the social media manager, CEO, or creative team for a few minutes.

Imagine yourself as the customer or client for your product or service.

Ask yourself these questions.. .

→ Am I engaged with the current content that's being published?

→ Would I ever want to stop scrolling in the feed for these posts?

→ Would I actually purchase a good or service from this brand?→ Would I follow this account? Why or why not?

These simple answers can simply help you with your content planning strategies.

Start maximizing your offers by posting the RIGHT content optimized for your target audience.

Yes, you can have more than 1 buyer persona and speak to multiple audiences through social media. ⠀

Why Hashtags Is So Important 2022?✨⁣

Hashtag Of Instagram

⁣🌟 Research which hashtags to use in advance. You can get an idea by having a look at what hashtags people in your niche are using. Ensure they are relevant to your post!⁣⠀

⁣πŸ’« Use a mixture of small, medium & large hashtags. The bigger the hashtag, particularly those with a usage of over a million, the more saturated they are likely to be. It doesn’t mean don’t use big hashtags at all, just combine them with tags of other sizes.

⁣⚡️You can use a maximum of 30 hashtags on a post. Try to use the maximum amount which will give you better exposure.

⁣✨ Avoid using the same group of hashtags for every post. They won’t always perform the same as your previous post, which brings me to my next point...⁣

⭐️ Have a look at your insights (I hope you're checking them πŸ‘€) to see what posts have performed well and the hashtags you used on that occasion, it will give you an indication of some of the tags to use again.

⁣⁉️ Finally, hashtags aren’t the be-all and end-all. It’s definitely trial and error but if you use some of these steps you can certainly increase your likes and impressions.

πŸ“² Engagement is equally as important so be sure to interact with accounts you follow (check my previous post).⁣

❗️P.s. if your account is private, your posts won’t be visible when you use hashtags.

What Are The Key Factors Of Instagram Content?

Are you familiar with the 3 types of Instagram content?

What are the types of Instagram content?

✨If you feel like you don't know what to post, take a deep breath, relax, and think about what is it that you want to achieve with your post.

Your post should fall in one of these 3 content-type categories.

Posting with a purpose is going to help generate content ideas easily, and will help boost your Instagram growth.

Let´s take a closer look: πŸ‘‡

🀍Content to Grow:

The purpose of this type of content is to attract an audience. We are talking about entertaining posts, relevant to your ideal client. These posts usually get engagement right away.

🀍Content to build your brand Helps build trust. It is important to position yourself as an expert in your niche. How do you do that you ask? Deliver value! Create educational content that helps solve a problem.

🀍Content to sell:

Converts your audience into paying clients. Highlight your ideal client's problem and present your product or service as a solution for that problem. What relief are they going to get as a result of working with you?

I hope you find this helpful!

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