How To Increase Instagram Engagement Organically In 30 Days! 7 Proven Tricks To Gain Your Instagram Engagement For Your Business.

How To Increase Engagement On Instagram In 2022?

Is Your Engagement rate Down On Instagram? 

In This Article, I Share With You "How To Increase Engagement On Instagram for business?"

How To Increase Instagram Engagement In 2022
Using 7 Proven Tricks That Work.

is your Instagram engagement at an all-time low, then make sure to Read This Blog.

because I'm going to give you three tips on how you can increase your engagement on Instagram.

and make sure to read to the end because I'm going to give you seven proven tips to fix any low Instagram engagement rates hey guys welcome back to my Blog my name is Altamash.⛵

 increasing our engagement optimizes our reach and visibility now I have gone into depth on reach and visibility in previous Articles but remember social media or Instagram is a traffic source and in order to port into our funnels or any funnels that we have, we need that traffic.🚀

so increasing your engagement is one way that you can increase your traffic, increase Instagram Follower.

so here are three ways that you can increase your Instagram engagement or fix any low engagement rates.

1. tip number one is to feed the algorithm:

Instagram wants you to use all of its features and everything that it offers so naturally, it will favour the people who are using all of its features.

now full credit goes to modern millie here on youtube and she used the analogy of feeding a pet or a dog and I love this analogy

so I'm going to give you guys it here feeding your dog you need to be consistent with feeding them.


otherwise, they will go hungry and they're going to be searching for food same thing like on Instagram if you're not showing up consistently or feeding the algorithm it's not going to really know that you're there right and Instagram's not really going to know what you're doing.

it's going to be hungry for more content and in the same thing if you're constantly feeding your pet or your dog the same thing over and over again they become bored at least that's like my dog sapphire.

where we cannot feed her we have to constantly switch it up because otherwise, she gets bored of her food.

she gets sick of the flavour and she just basically goes on a hunger strike and refuses to eat now that's like Instagram and not using all of its features like stories, reels, IGTV and feed posts all the things Instagram wants you to utilize.

all of them so they want you to switch it up they want you to utilize all of these platforms or features that they have for you and that way you feeding the algorithm will feed you meaning it will give you some of that Instagram engagement.

 it will basically reward you for using it.

2. tip number two is I want you to spend 35 minutes a day engaging on Instagram:

yes, this means that you set a timer for 35 minutes and you spend the time going out there looking for your ideal clients searching your ideal clients and engaging with your ideal clients on the platform.

again going back to feeding the algorithm if you're feeding the algorithm will feed you and in fact, Instagram is going to push your content out to those who you're engaging with on the platform.

an extra little hint here if you're DM or private messaging somebody Instagram sees that as like the top of the line this means that they have a relationship with each other she enjoys her content as she does.

it to her so naturally Instagram will be like okay you obviously like this person here's their content.

now my last tip for you to increase your engagement is to make sure that you're,

3. focused on community building and service over sales:

the reason why I talk a lot about this is that you really are forming relationships on Instagram right you really are getting to know people and you need to form that community of people where they show up for you if you show up for them and in turn, this will start to initiate any Instagram engagement where people feel compelled to want to reply to your stories comment on your post enjoy your content

altogether again these are simple tips that you can really do that ultimately don't take up much time at all.

however, you are the one that needs to do this in order to increase your Instagram engagement Make Sure To Read It.

nowhere are seven quick tips that you can do to fix low engagement rates these seven tips you can literally start doing right now and start to see an increase in engagement on Instagram.


1. the first tip is super simple if you want to double your engagement all you have to do is reply to every single comment: 

that gets posted on a reel or a feed or whatever replying to every single one doubles literally your engagement.


2. Tip number two is I want you to find the influencer in your niche or a couple influencers within your niche and you're gonna start to engage with their followers so this simply means go to their posts and start replying to people's comments here's the thing if you guys have similar audiences and similar niches and those people are finding hers or his content really valuable.

chances are they're gonna find your content just as valuable so start engaging them to go to their profiles like their posts comment on their posts and in their stories and chances are they're gonna see your content and find it equally valuable.


3. Tip number three is one that I have definitely seen in increased engagement however I have to be honest I don't do this all the time it was a tip that was floating around reels and I decided to try it out myself and that is before I go post my post for the day I go to any of the comments of the previous post and make sure to like them and then I go and post that post and what this is really doing is anybody who commented on that post when they see a notification saying this person has liked it again.

it's engagement the algorithm is just going to push your Instagram content into their feed because you gave them a sign that you want to engage with that person.


4. Tip number four is pretty obvious to most people but it is using engagement stickers within your stories asking for engagement getting people to vote in your polls and some fun things you can do or playing different games like this or that or answering some quizzes answering quick polls this obviously will bump you up in the engagement algorithm.


5. Tip number five comes down to your Instagram stories you want to make sure that you're posting your stories throughout the day you don't want to post your stories all at once because stories are the only part of Instagram.

where it favours recency and is in somewhat of a chronicle logical order meaning that when somebody posts a new story usually what will tend to happen now there's a few other factors that come into this but that person will go right back to the beginning of the little bubbles that are on Instagram because it has the most recent story so if you post all of them at once chances are somebody's just going to watch through them all and then forget about you for the rest of the day where if you're you know showing up say every two hours or every few hours with a new story again recency you want that recency and people are going to start to see your stories.

if you have those engagement stickers they're obviously going to engage with those and therefore again bump you up in that algorithm altogether.


6. Tip number six and tip number 7 kind of go together but it starts with letting your stories expire so yes you want your stories to you to know to show up throughout the day at different time intervals but you also want to make sure that all of your stories expire,

because when you go to post the next story again it's going to be brand new content and Instagram favours that new content.

so it's going to push out this bigger notification to your followers or your community of people and say hey this person's got something new to say now the tip that goes.


7. Tip number seven that really matches that tip is when you do let your stories expire the first story that you post you want it to have some kind of engagement sticker again if they expired you post a new story that pops up on their feed and it's an engagement sticker that it's a quick yes or no or whatever.

  • again it just bumps you up that much further into the algorithm so those are seven like quick-fire tips for you if you have some low engagement rates and you need a quick fix definitely utilize those seven tips if you want to make sure to consistently use all seven tips throughout your whole Instagram practice but making sure you stick to those three tips at the beginning of this Article is really how you're going to increase that engagement over time.

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