5 Common Facebook Ads Mistakes You Should In 2023 (After iOS 14) And How To Fix Them.

5 Common Facebook Ads Mistakes You Should In 2022-2023

Facebook Ads or Should I Say Meta Continue to Be One of the Best Ways That Brands Bring in a New Business.

Common Facebook And Instagram Ad Mistakes

However, Many Facebook Ads End Up Failing, and It Can Be Hard Trying to Figure Out the Reason Why.

To Save You from Experiencing That, Today, I'm Going to Share Five Facebook Ad Mistakes That You Should Avoid in 2022 and Beyond.

Hey, Everyone. It's Altamash from Metaverseandseo.

So Whether You're a Beginner or Not, This Video Is Going to Be Packed with Some Great Information on Facebook Ad Mistakes That You Should Avoid.

1. Not Having a Clear End Goal with Each Ad.

Not Having a Clear End Goal with Each Ad on Facebook ad

Before You Put in a Lot of Time Creating a Visually Engaging Ad, You Need to Know What You're Trying to Do with It.

Is the Purpose of This Ad to Build Brand Awareness and Gain a Following?

Is It to Push an Offer or Product and to Get Sales?

Is It to Get Opt-Ins from Your Content?

Determining Your End Goal Beforehand Will Help You Understand Your Analytics Better Afterwards and Show You What Areas Need Some Tweaking for Future Ads and What Areas to Keep the Same.

If You're Getting Started with Facebook Ads, or You Need Some Tips on Crafting a Strategy to Run Successful Ad Campaigns, Then I Highly Suggest Taking HubSpot's Facebook Ads Training Course.

2. Avoid, Having More One Call to Action.

"Click to Buy Our Product. 

"Enter Your Email for Special Offers.

"Take This Quiz to Figure Out Which Product "Is Right for You.

" I've Seen Ads Where There's Just a Lot Going on That It's Almost Overwhelming and I End Up Just Scrolling Away.

This Is Why Mistake Number One Was Identifying Your End Goal.

If Your Ads' End Goal Is Conversions for a Specific Product, Then Don't Mention Any Other Products.

Don't Overwhelm Your Audience and Cause Them Analysis Paralysis.

Not a Fun Feeling for a Potential Buyer.

So If Your New Skincare Line Is Launching an Eye Cream, Then the Ads Should Only Display the Eye Cream and the Call to Action Should Be for Purchase.

The Customer Can Learn About Your Other Amazing Products and Special Offers Later on After They've Gone to Your Website and Explored It.

Also, the Click-Through Website Link Should Go Directly to the Product Page and Not Your Brand's Homepage.

Sending Potential Buyers to the Direct Product Page Makes Their Buyer Journey a Lot Easier Than Sending Them to the Website's Homepage and Then Them Having to Search and Find the Promoted Product.

3. Sticking to Only One Type of Ad Format.

When You're Getting Started with Facebook Ads, It's Important to Avoid the Lazy Route.

Just Because You Saw Success with One Format Doesn't Mean You Limit Yourself to That.

If You've Always Used Still Images, Don't Be Scared to Try Video Format Ads Instead.

Test Out Different Styles of Video Ads as well.

You Can Do Long Form or Short Form, Audio or No Audio, Animated or Live-Action. 

Facebook Advertising Is Very Competitive Now. and While Consistent See Is Obviously Important, So Is Variety.

You Could Find That People Engage More with Your Video Ads, but Your Still Images Are What Produced the Most Clicks for Your Business. Also, Think About the Best Formats to Get Your Message Across.

Have a Customer Testimonial? Try a Video Ad, So Your Audience Can Actually See Your Product in Action and Hear an Authentic Review.

If You Don't Have Video Content, You Can Still Use the Image Formats I Mentioned Earlier.

Regardless, You're Going to Need Both to Be Successful.

4. You Should Definitely Avoid Not Taking the Time to Study Your Competition.

what do you mean by competition  analysis

It's Very Important to Study What Kinds of Ads Perform the Best in Your Niche and How You're Going to Stand Out.

When Looking at Competitors, Pay Attention to Things Like Their Ad Formats, Their Organic Content, and How Long They've Been Running Certain Ads.

These Things Will Give You Insight into Their Marketing Strategy and Give You Examples and Inspiration of What to Implement into Your Own Facebook Ads Strategy.

An Easy Way to Do This Is by Using the Free Facebook Ad Library Tool.

Select Your Location, Click on All Ads, and Then Type in a Competitor's Name. Sticking with Skincare Here, I'm Just Going to Type in Honest Beauty.

And from Here, We Can See How Many Ads Are Running and What These Ads Look Like.

This Tool Lets You See Things Like the Copy They Used, the Image or Video, How Long These Ads Have Been Running, Et Cetera.

It's Very Important to Take the Time to Study Your Competition.

And I Would Do This with Multiple Competitors to Give You a Better Overall Idea of What's Working and What's Not in Your Niche.

While studying, Check to See How Long the Ad Has Been Running.

If the Ad Has Been Running for a Long Time, Chances Are It's Probably a Great Ad for Them and Would Be Great to Get into from as well.

5. the Last Mistake That You Should Avoid When Running Facebook Ads Is Making Edits Too Often.

As I Mentioned Earlier, Variety Is Definitely Important with the Content, but Also It's Important to Have a Set Rhythm with Your Strategy.

For Example, If You Change Up Your Target Audience or the Time of Day an Ad Launches Too Often, This Can Have an Extreme Effect on the Way an Ad Performs.

Once You've Launched an Ad, Patience Is Key.

It's Going to Take Some Time Before You Start Seeing Results, So Avoid the Urge to Go into Your Settings and Make Edits If the Numbers Aren't Coming in Right Away.

When You're Investing Time and Money into Facebook Ads for Your Business, the Last Thing You Want to Do Is Mess Things Up Because You Made Edits Too Soon.

How To Get More Facebook Video Views?


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