Instagram Algorithm Hacks 2022? How You Grow Fast On Instagram In 2022 8 Proven Methods? Latest IG Updates!

Instagram Algorithm Hacks And Latest Updates 2022-2023? 

After 2 Years of Building Brands on Instagram, I Think I've Figured Out the Platform.

How to Maximize Your Reach Inside of the Instagram Algorithm Which Is Exactly What I'm Going to Share with You Today.

So I Don't Want to Waste Any Time Let's Get into the Article 

Now I'm Going to Break This Down into 8 Core Things You Want to Focus on in the Algorithm to Be Getting Results and All of These Are Very Actionable Things That You Want to Take Notes on and Implement.

👉They're All Equally as Important So You Read the Whole Way Through Now.

1.  the First One Is Video/reels:

I Know a Lot of You Know About We All Know That Instagram Is Pushing Towards Video.

the Ceo Famously Announced a While Back We Are No Longer Just a Photo Sharing Platform.

Instagram Reel
Pic By The Rock Instagram Reel

Followed by Countless Press Releases Posts on Their Blog Post on the Creators Account Talking About How Powerful Short Form Video Is Not to Mention the Ceo Constantly Mentioning It in His Live Streams Question and Answer and in His Content About If You Want to Increase Your Reach You Have to Start Posting More Videos.

Specifically Short Form Engaging Video.

Now This Does Not Mean That Images Do Not Work I Still Have Images on My Accounts That Go Viral and Reach Millions of People and Get Hundreds of Thousands of Likes and Bring in Thousands Sometimes Even Tens of Thousands of Followers from a Single Post,

but What It Does Mean Is That You Should Be Incorporating Video as a Part of Your Strategy.

It Doesn't Have to Be the Entire Thing but It Should Also Be Present There.

👉We Also Implement video Accounts on Our Client's Accounts and We Also Reach Millions of People and Get Hundreds of Thousands of Likes on Single Pieces of Content.

Using Video So It's Not Just Images It's Not Just Reels It's Not Just Video You Want to Do a Combination of the Both.

This Here Allows You to Maximize Your Reach Because You're Taking Advantage of Image Content Which Gets Pushed You're Taking Advantage of Video Content Which Gets Pushed and You're Getting the Best of Both Worlds.

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2. Part Number Two Is Going to Be Understanding Different Content Formats:

What to Do on Each Like Feature of Instagram Now Along a Similar Line to What I Just Touched on You Need to Understand What to Post on Each Different Place of Instagram Like 

  1. what to Post on Stories 
  2. what to Post in Your Feed 
  3. how You Should Structure Carousels 
  4. how You Should Make Your Reels Look Etc...

You Want to Understand What Optimizes It for That Specific Format and This Comes Down to How People Consume Content and How the Algorithm Pushes Content in Different Aspects of the Platform.

👉for Example, Stories Are Mostly Pushed to People Who Already Follow You.

It Shows Up at the Top of Someone's Home Feed and If Someone Is Following You and They Engage with Your Content They Will See Your Story.

So You Want to Optimize Your Stories as If You Are Speaking to People Who Already Know Like and Trust You and Might Want to See a Bit More of a Raw Unfiltered Version of You.

Showing What You're Up to During the Day Showing Different Things That You're Doing Maybe Giving Some Advice but It Doesn't Have to Be Perfect and Polished.

Because These People Already Have a Lot of Trust and Already Like You Whereas.

👉On the Other Hand Reels Whilst, They Are Pushed to Your Audience a Lot of the Time This Is Going to Be Your Best Opportunity to Reach People Who Do Not Follow You.

Who Do Not Know Who You Are 


So You Want to Optimize Your Instagram Content to Perform Well to Both People. Who Does Know Like and Trust You but Also People Who Don't Know Who You Are and What This Means Is You Might Want to Be a Little Bit More Polished and a Little Bit More to the Point and a Little Bit More Like How Can You Keep Attention?

Here Because You Can Just Get Out of Bed in the Morning and Do an Instagram Story and People Are Gonna Watch It the Whole Way Through They Already Love You.

Whereas That Won't Fly with Reels Because as Soon as They Get Pushed to Someone That Doesn't Follow You They're Just Gonna Skip It Because It's Not Going to Capture Their Attention Now the Best Ways That You Can Optimize Your Reels for People Who Don't Follow You and This Goes for Images and Carousels as Well Is You Want to Have a Strong Hook.

So the Opening Like Two to Three Seconds or the Opening Line of the Piece of Content Should Hook Someone into Watching the Rest of It This Not Only Impacts How You Open Your Content Like How Strong Your Hook Is but Also the Rest of It Like with a Reel in General.

You Want to Keep It Quite Short Because the Idea Is Just You Capture People's Attention and Get Them to Your Profile and Then with Other Content Such as Live Streams.

It Might Be a Bit More About Building Rapport Expanding on Your Points to Deepen Your Relationship Same as Stories.

👉Which Leads Us to the Third Point.

👉Which Is Specifically About 

3. How to Hook Your Audience:

Now Instagram Survives Based On Attention. They Need People's Attention in the App So They Can Serve Advertisements to Those People Based on What They're Interested In.

Which Allows Them to Make a Profit and at the End of the Day Instagram or Facebook the Company That Owns Instagram Is There to Make Money.

So Their Goal Is to Capture and Hold Attention Which Means If You Create Content That Does This Instagram Will Push It Out There to More People Because You've Got to Remember That Instagram Is Not a Content Creator They Are a Content Distributor.

Instagram Profile and bio

They Need Other People's Content to Maintain People's Attention to Keep People on the App.

So They Are Always Looking for Creators That Create Content That Keep People Engaged and That People Enjoy Pushing That Out There to More People.

So If You Can Learn to Do This Well You Will Get Ridiculous Amounts of Reach.

Now This Comes into Two Key Parts to Improve the Way That You Hold and Maintain your Attention 

1. Firstly as We Just Touched on You Need to Hook in Your Audience Those First Two to Three Seconds Are Absolutely Crucial to the Performance of Your Content.

👉Whether It Be a Real a Video a Carousel or an Image.

This Could Be Something Along the Lines of Opening Up Your Content with How to Go Viral on Youtube in Three Steps.

If I See That Come Upon My Instagram I'm Probably Gonna Watch That Because I'm Trying to Learn How to Grow My Youtube Channel Within Two Seconds.

Someone Has Just Said Like I'm Gonna Show You How to Do It.

So Why Wouldn't I Watch That or How I Got a Six-Pack in Six Months or Six Weeks or However Long It Took or Anything That Can Really Speak to the People You're Trying to Reach.

Show Some Sort of Benefit for Them to Watch the Actual Content and Then Jumping Right in Which Then Leads on to the Second Part of Gaining and Holding Attention That Was More About Gaining This Part's More About Holding Attention.

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4.  Number Four Is to Make Sure You Keep Your Content Stimulating:

So Once You've Hooked People into Consuming Your Content by Giving Them a Strong Reason in the Opening.

A couple of Seconds That's the Hard Part Done with Now All You Have to Do Is Deliver on Whatever Promise You Made in That Hook and Keep Them Stimulated.

So Tell The Joke Show the Vlog Teach Whatever You Were Going to Take Just Keep It Stimulating You Don't Want to Waffle on Too Long.

You Don't Want Your Reels to Be You Know Boring You Don't Want Fluff in There.

You Want to Have a Slight Bit of Music in the Background.

Potentially Even a Trending Sound.

Just to Keep People Stimulated with That Music.

Because It Taps into Another Sense Not Only Are They Getting a Visual from It but They're Also Getting Some Sort of Nice Audio in the Background.

Instagram Reels And Videos post

Pic By Instagram id-KATELYN

Even If You Are Speaking Now at This Point Once You've Got Someone to Commit to Watching the Content Keeping Them Is More a Job of Not Messing Up.

It's More a Job of Not Doing Things Wrong as Opposed to Actually Doing Something Right.

If You're Gonna Show Someone the Perfect Fashion Outfit That They Should Be Wearing for Summer 2022 and And You Hook People in with a Strong Hook at the Start.

All You Have to Do Is Simply Show Them That Outfit and Do It in an Interesting Way.

  • So Show Them the Jacket.
  • Show Them the Pants. 
  • Show Them the Shoes.

Whatever as Long as You Don't Stretch It Out or Have an Awful Few Shots.

Like Terrible Lighting on One of the Shots Maybe or You Know.

Just Waffle on for Way Too Long Then You Should Be Fine 

5. Part Five of Understanding the Algorithm:

Actually, How to Use Images in Your Strategy Now a Lot of People Say That Images on Instagram Are Dead.

I Have a Lot of Content and Analytics That Completely Disprove That Because Whilst Some of the Reach That Has Been Given to Reels Was Taken from Images.

of Course, Is in the Past 100 of Reach Went to Just Images and Then It Was Images and Video.

Now It Is Images Video Reels Live Streams Stories All of These Different Things So Yes the Reach of Images Has Decreased but It Is Still Extremely Powerful All You Have to Do to Realize This Is Take a Look at Your Explore Page.

I Don't Know About You but the Majority of My Explore Page Is Still Image Content and the Explore Page Is Where All of the Reach Comes from and Where All of the Growth Comes From.

So People Saying That Images Are Dead Just Don't Know What They're Talking About Now There Are Two Keys You Want to Keep in Mind When Trying to Grow with Images on Instagram the

1. First One Is Shareability This Is Why You See a Lot of People Posting Controversial Opinions or Hot Takes on Instagram Especially in the Format of a Tweet Whether It's Calling Out Ridiculous Standards and Business Fitness Marketing Life Whatever It's Very Shareable Content.

What People Can Resonate with and When They Resonate with It or They Identify with It or It Is a Part of Their Identity.

They Will Share Their Story So All of Their Friends Know and Then You Get Access to All of Their Followers Chances Are Their Followers Will Be Similar to Them and If They Fit Your Target Audience You've Just Gained Access to a Lot More People.

So If You Can Create Something That Evokes Emotion by Being Something Extremely Relatable Extremely Funny.

Something That People Want to Identify with or Maybe Something Just Really Educational.

Instagram Meme

Pic by Instagram Id: SOCIALBYPRAGATI

That Is Just Eye-Opening Like a Crazy Fact Those Facts Pages Go Crazy or Accounts That Post Content That Enlightens People on Certain Issues That They May Not Have Known About.

They Go Crazy Viral Because People Share It Because It's Different.

Now the Other Way That You Do Really Well with Images Which Isn't About Being Shared with People's Stories Is When You Create Really Eye Grabbing Images.

Which Often Is What Works on Our Pages This Is Images That Will Naturally Get More Engagement in Your Feed.

 Because They Grab Attention Really Well and Then When They Get Good Engagement in Your Feed.

Instagram Will Push It to the Explore Page to Similar People That to People Similar That Engage with Your Existing Post.

👉Then If It Performs Well There It Just Gets Pushed to More and More and More People.

Now If We Take a Quick Look at My Phone Here I've Pulled Up My Own Explore Page to Show You Exactly What I Mean.


If We Look at This Content It Is All Content That Somewhat Grabs Attention We Can See at the Top There Is an Image in the Middle.

That Says Go Viral I Am Probably Likely to Want to Click on That You Can See All of These Pieces of Content Have All Got Something About Them.

Which Makes Them Stand Out One Is a Transfer Rumored of Mo Salah.

 Going to Barcelona Which Is Massive for the People That Know and Follow Football Slash Soccer That Is a Big Thing.

So It's Going to Get People to Click on It Same as Talking About Ronaldo.

Having Zero Hat Tricks at Sporting or Zaha for His Time at United.

These Things Are Clickable Because They Stand Out You Can Also See Other Pieces of Content This Is Why You Are Not Growing and Getting Sales.

 That Is Very Clickable Content Because It Grabs Attention Train Your Brain to Make Money.

Instagram Hook Examples

Your Price Is Too High All of These Things Stop Making These Mistakes on Instagram All of These Things Are Very Clickable.

Seven Books to Learn Seven Skills Websites.

I wish I had Known Earlier All of These Things.

Make You Want to Click Which Means People Do Click They Then Engage with Them and Then They Get Pushed to More People.

Now You Will Notice Like I Said Earlier the Majority of the Content on My Explore Page Is All Images It Is Not Reels There Is Some Reel but the Majority Are Still Images So Anyone Telling You That You Can't Grow with Images Is Lying to You or They Simply Don't Know What They're Talking About.

but Either Way, You Shouldn't Listen.

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 6. Sixth Point of This Article Is You Want to Experiment:

to Find a Lane You Really Want to Test Things Out in Your Niche to Find What Works.

Instagram Reels And Videos post

You Want to Find a Format of Content That You Enjoy Creating and Your Audience Enjoy Consuming.

So You Will Create a Lot of It Because You Enjoy It and Your Audience Will Consume a Lot Of.

Because They Enjoy It and Then Everyone Wins.

  • If You Want to Try Out Posting Infographics.
  • You Want to Try Carousels.
  • You Want to Try Short Form Educational Reels.
  • You Might Want to Try Trendy Reels.
  • You Might Want to Try Slightly Longer Form Reels.
  • You Want to Try Maybe Some Videos and Experiment with All of This Stuff.

Here See What Your Audience Responds Well to and What You Enjoy Creating Then Once You Find That Through Experimentation Double Down on It.

You Can Also Look at Other Creators in Your Niche.

Notice What They Are Doing That's Working and Sort of Take Inspiration from That.

If You're Noticing That Everyone in Your Niche Is Posting a Lot of Reels Then You Should Probably Be Jumping on Reels If.

You Notice That a Lot of People Are Posting Images Try Posting a Lot of Images.

7. Now the Seventh Thing That You Want to Do Is All About Increasing Your Reach:

Now a Lot of Those Things We Discussed Previously Were About Ways That You Can Create Content That Better Performs in the Algorithm.

So That Instagram Will Show It to More People but There Are Also Things You Can Do on the Platform to Get Yourself Out in Front of More People Without Relying on the Algorithm.

These Things Instead of Relying on the Algorithm Rely on You Spending the Time to Actually Do Them.

Now One Thing You Can Do Is You Can Work with Creators in Your Niche of a Similar Size to Share Each Other's Content to Help You Grow.

So You Might Share a Piece of Their Content to Your Story and They Share a Piece of Yours to Their Story and You Both Gain from Tha.

 If You Do This with a Lot of Other Creators You Can Really Quickly Build Up Your Audience.

That's the Tactic That We Used to Use Very Often.

Use Less Now but Is Highly Effective You Can Also Look to Upload Your Reels to Tech Talk Without the Watermark Bear in Mind for Additional Reach or You Can Share Your Content Directly to Pinterest for Additional Traffic or You Can Implement What's Known as the Dollar 80 Strategy.

Where You Simply Find an Account or a #Instagram Hashtag in Your Niche

That Your Target Audience Follow or Engage with and You Simply Engage with It .

You Comment on Them You React to Them You Reply to Comments.

You Get Yourself Out There in Front of These People to Build Your Audience Speaking of Hashtags.

 Let's Get on to the Eighth and Final Point of This Video 

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8. Instagram Hashtags:

Instagram Hashtags for reels

✅a Controversial One I Know What I'm Gonna Tell You Is Gonna Simplify Things the Number of Hashtags You Should Use Comes Down to Testing Instagram Have Recently Said Three to Five Hashtags in the Past It Was Eight to Twelve Before That It Was Thirty.

So My Advice Is to Test Test Using Three to Five tests Using Eight to Twelve tests Using About Twenty-Five

Look at What Generates the Best Results and Then Double Down from There Because When You Look at the Explore Page and You Ook at Content That Is Performing Well on Hashtags You Will Not Notices a Trend of All of These Posts Have Only Got Four to Five Hashtags.

✅or All of These Posts Have Got 25 Hashtags.

When I've Looked at It Anyway It's Been All Over the Show Some Have Got One or Two Some of Them Have Got 10 Some of Them Have Got 30 Which Means Your Ability to Rank Is Not Determined by the Number of Hashtags That You Use.

So Try It for Yourself and See What Works Best as for Where to Put Them to Maximize Your Growth in the Algorithm.

Instagram Funny Content

Pic By Instagram Id: Santiago109

You Always Want to Put Them into the Caption This Allows You to Rank on the Hashtag Itself,

but Also an Instagram Search When People Are Searching for Content Which Is Becoming Bigger and Bigger and Bigger Now as for Where to Find Them and How to Find Them.

I Personally Use a Tool Called Flick

✅ Which Simply Allows Me to Plug in a Keyword and They Will Spit Out a List of Hashtags.

That Are Relevant to My Content and That Are the Right Size for My Account They're Not Too Big and Too Competitive but They're Also Not Too Small and Pointless.

So If You Want to Get a Free Trial of That Tool You Can Use This Link👉Flick

So That Sort of Sums Up the Eight Parts of the Algorithm That You Want to Focus on to Get Really Good Results.

Now a Lot of this You Sort of Work Together Like Three or Four of These Were About Content Specifically.

So You Can Use Those for Your Content You Do Your Hashtags Here and You Look at the Other Stuff in Other Places.

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