Why Is My Reach So Low on Instagram 2022? How to Increase Reach on Instagram?

Why Is My Reach So Low on Instagram 2022? How to Increase Reach on Instagram?

Is Your Instagram Reach Declining Does It Feel Like Whenever You Post You Get Fewer and fewer Views, Do You Feel Like the Algorithm Is Actually Against You?

Why Is My Reach So Low on Instagram 2022?

Why Am I Here, to Be Honest, It Actually Could Be Since the Instagram Algorithm Is Pretty Much Crazy from Time to Time However There Are Different Ways to Come Out of a So-Called
Shadow Band.💢

I Eat Them, Taking Away Your Precious Reach Now Before We're Going to Identify Which Shadow Band You Might Have.

Because There Are Different Forms and Different Solutions, Which I Feel Nobody Ever Talks About.

Let's First Take a Look at Some of Instagram's Why Lies When It Comes to Shadow Banning,

Because It Seems Like They've Been Lying About That, Back in 2018 Instagram Had a White Board Press Conference Talking About How Their Algorithm Works.

how Instagram algorithm work? 🔗

I've Linked It Down Below and One of the Things They've Said in That Press Conference Is That I Quote Shadow Banning Is Not a Real Thing and They Said That They Don't Hide People's Content for Posting Too Many Hashtags or Taking Other Actions About Their Actions.💢

But as We All Know, You Know We've done a Video Here Discussing Their Terms of Service and Turns Out Yeah There Actually Is Content They Don't Show as Much as Others.

There Actually Is Content That They Don't Recommend at All on the Explore Page.

(Why Is My Instagram Getting Less Reach?)

So Yes Shadow bedding Is a Real Thing Despite Them Saying No So It Turns Out They've Been Lying All Along What a Surprise and Because It Seems Like They Got Caught Mostly.

Because They Were Filtering Certain Topics That Probably Shouldn't Get Filtered.

They Came Out with This New Tool Called and This Pretty New Account Status, Which Basically Tells You Whether You've been a Good Kid in Terms of Instagram's Eyes and Whether They Restrict Your Reach Because of That.

So Foremost Naturally and This Is Just a Tiny Step of the Whole Shadow Banning Thing, the First Thing You Need to Do Is.

Go to Your Settings Account and Then Go to Account Status and Take a Look at What It Says There If They Say There's Nothing Wrong with Your Account You're Not Shadow Band Right.💢



Because Why Would They Tell You Something Different That's Not True, Wrong Obviously Because Um Yeah Looking at Accounts We Figured Out Something More Interesting.

There are More or Less Two Types of Shadow Bands That Need Different Solutions, Let's Call:

1. First One Type a and What Happens If You've Done Something Wrong, You've got an Action Blog.

Action Block By Instagram Example

For Example, Kinda Removed or Talked About Fake News Even Though They Turned Out to Be True Just a Month Afterwards.

Let's Call This a Heart Block Because Usually, You'll notice a Pretty Significant Drop, like a 50 to 80 Decrease in Engagement.

Pretty Suddenly, and This Type an Is Pretty Easy to Fix.

 In Most Cases, You Just Have to Stop Doing Bad Stuff You Know, Trying to Avoid Appearing Like a Spammer.

Really Appearing Like a Spammer.

Remember, the Algorithms Are Kind of Weird and Overly Protective.

So You Know for Example If You've gotten a Common Block for 24 Hours Don't Even Try to Make a Comment for at Least a Week.

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2. Story Blocked You Can't Watch Another Story the More Often You Try to See If It Works.

Story Block On Instagram

Again You Know If They Say It's 24-Hour Story Block and You Try to See in 23 Hours or Something Maybe It Was a Mistake, Maybe It Works Again.

Now, the More You Do That the More Flags You're Going to Get.

4. Forth Now There are a Few More Things That Kind of Go Together with This Type That We're Gonna Talk About Right After We Talked About Type B 

This Is When You Slowly Start to See a Decline in Reach and Engagement, and There Could Be Again Different Reasons for That.

1. Reason Number One, and This Is Probably the Most Common One, It Is Most Likely Not the Algorithm.

It's Actually Not Really a Shadow Band.

Because the Algorithms Just Noticing That People, Your Followers Care Less and Less Because You Just Don't Get Good Metrics.

You Don't Get the Good Stats Why Yeah We Talked About This Briefly,

Because Your Content Is Probably Not in Alignment with What You're One True Fan.

What I Call Your Avatar Really Wants in That Case and You Actually Really Got to Be Honest with Yourself, You Have to Start Working on Your Content Strategy.


Working Out Whom It Actually Is That You Create Content for, in Most Cases There are Just a Bunch of Tweaks That You Need to Make to You Know Actually Speak to Your Ideal Audience.

Again with Your Content, and Usually, This Should Be a Continuous Process.

Because Yeah Platforms Change, Obviously the World Changes in My Instagram Black File.

We Actually Have Some Pretty Sophisticated Exercises for That.

Yeah, We're Also Going to Have Some Important Updates About This Whole Process, Some Refined Processes.

If You Will Inside the Next Update That Will Drop Probably at the End of the Month but Think of This Whole Thing as This Your Content Gives Them.

This is Your Old Audience Like This.

But Because the World Is Moving and You Know Now Your Audience Moves with It Somehow.

Your Audience Wants This and If You Find Out What This Actually Is You Pretty Much Won.

The Game So Dig a Little Deeper into Your Actual Demographics of Yours.

You Know Ideal Followers and Adjust Your Content Accordingly, and You'll See Your Content Get More Reach.

Again, This Is the Non-Shadow Band Shadow Band.

If You Will, Which a Lot of You Guys Actually Have, but That's Not All Because You Could.

Also have a Mix Between Both Types Which Is Usually Harder to Spot and React to, the Other Thing Is that They Also Don't Immediately Take Away Reach.

You Know Whether It's type A or Type B Sometimes or Usually There's Like a Delay of Two to Three Weeks of You Doing Something Wrong and Then They Start to Hit You with Some Measures.

How Do You Increase Your Reach On Instagram 2022?

Now, How Are We Going to Fix That Shadow Band?

You Know Whether It's type a Type B or a Mixture Between Both, First Thing We Said You Have to Be Really Honest with Yourself.

If the Main Reason Is Not Type B/1 as Known as Your Content Just Sucking.

That's a Weird Way to Say It, but Yeah, and Your Account Status Says It's All Fine.

Here's What I Would Do.

1. First, Whenever You Get an Action Block, Obviously Tap the Button Letting Them Know This Is Wrong on Instagram.

This Is Wrong You've made a Mistake Right All the Time, Do It All the Time Really Important.💢

Additionally, You Have to Do This Other Thing, Which Is Sort of a New Thing.

Go to Your Settings to Help and Then Report a Problem.

Instagram Settings

Do This Like Once a Day and Then Hit the Report Problem and Tell Them Exactly What It Is?.

Sometimes Maybe It Can Even Include Some Screenshots.

Instagram Report A Problem

Important Thing Is Do This Once a Day, Kind of Weird Counter-Intuitive,

Because I Always Say Don't Appear Like a Spammer, but a Real Spammer Wouldn't Even Be Able to Do This.

Yeah, Chances Are Sort of Low That They Will Actually Take a Look at This, but We've Had People Where Just Suddenly Things Started to Happen Again After They Have Done This.

You Know at Least Once a Day for Weeks Actually You Know Just Have to Tell You How It Actually Is.

Now, the Other Thing That I Would Do Is Checking If There's Anything Else That Could Lead to You Getting Flags.

For Example, Links in Your Bio:

You Know Spammy Links in Your Bio or You Change the Links in Your Bio a Lot Also Pretty Bad.

Link  In The Bio On Instagram

Another Thing That We Have Seen Is Probably, and We Don't Have Really Conclusive Evidence of That but Link to Other Social Media Platforms.

Such as YouTube, example,

Might Be Bad Too So You Know Just to Be Safe Right.

Now Don't Put Them in Another Thing That We Have Seen Quite a Lot, Uh People Do Is Uh, for Example, People Having Post Scheduling Tools That Are Not Official Partners or an Unofficial Analytics Tool or These Tools Where They Say Look at Your Instagram Stalkers.

Wow, You Know Track Who Unfollows You and Stuff Like This Yeah Make Sure You Stop Using That, Make Sure You Detach Them from Your Account.

As We've had, Many People Get Their Reach Cut Down Because of That Because It's Not Officially Endorsed by Instagram.


Another Important Thing and We've Talked About This Before, Is Analyzing Your Followers and Removing the Wrong Ones.

You Know Even Though That Might Seem Counterintuitive Either Because You're Not Part of Your Ideal Father Circle Anymore or and It's Most Likely the Most Important One.

Because They're Spam-Bots That You Just Get Naturally by Just Being on the Platform Here's the Thing the Longer You Are on Instagram the Higher the Chances Are That You Have a Lot of Spam Fake Followers.

That Just Clutter Up Your Follower List That Just Confuse the Algorithm.

So You Know This Is Another Reason Why Accounts That Are Older Tend to Have Lower Reach in My Opinion Because Over the Years So Many Fake Mass Spam Bots Have Targeted Them Going Through Them Every Once in a While and Removing Them Helps Quite a Bit I Do Have a Safe Analyzation Removal Service of Those Ghost Spam Followers.

What Are The Tips For Ganging Instagram Followers 2022?

5 Tips For Gaining Followers On Instagram: 😍

  1. Define Your Target Audience.
  2. Create A Consistent Brand Story.
  3. Use Relevant Hashtags.
  4. Encourage Others To Tag You.
  5. Collaborate With Other Brands.
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