How Does The Instagram Story Algorithm Work? Do You Want to Skyrocket Engagement on Your Stories?

How Does The Instagram Story Algorithm Work?

How Does The Instagram Story Algorithm Work?

It appears on your feed that Instagram Stories represent your most engaged accounts, whether it be through likes, comments, story views, reactions, or direct messages.

Instagram's algorithm also emphasizes timeliness, so that you are always shown the latest stories from your favourite accounts.

When you regularly engage with an account, their new stories will be pushed to the top of your feed every time they post - even if you've watched all their previous stories.

Thus, posting to Instagram Stories consistently is a good idea.

When you post to Instagram Stories more often, you have a better chance of reaching viewers as they browse their daily stories - and the more views you get, the better your ranking will be.

How can I Get 1000 Followers On Instagram In 30 Days?

Growing Your IG Doesn't Have to Feel as Cryptic or Here-Today-Gone.

It Can Be a clear, Ever-Increasing Windfall of Best-Fit Leads.

How? Tracking & Math 🤓 Come On, You Know Me by Now 😉

Step 1:

What Are Efforts That Grow Your Following?

• Reels (The Renaissance of Organic Growth!)

• Proactively Connecting with New People

• Getting a Shoutout from One of Your Clients

Step 2:

Figure Out Your Current Follower Growth Rate

• Avg Followers from Reels = X%

• Avg Amount of People Who Follow Back = Y%

• Avg Amount of Follows from a Shoutout = Z%

Let's Say the Average Percentage Is 30%. Meaning, of the Effort You Put Out (Into Reels, Shutouts, Follow Backs, Etc.) You See 30% of the People Follow You in Return.

If Figuring This Out Is Going to Be a Deterrent for You-Go Ahead and Use 30% in Your Formula!

Step 3:

Establish the Number of Days Per Week You're Going to Work on Follower Growth

• I.e. 7 Days a Week #Fullsend

Cool! Ravioli, Here Is the Formula ⬇️

1,000 Followers / 30 Days = 33-34 Followers Per Day

If Our Interactions Convert at 30% We Need to Perform 100 Actions Per Day

100 Actions Per Day X 30 Days = Exposure to 3,000 New Accounts in the Month

Divvy the Work Amongst Your Tactics

• 1,000 Proactive Outreaches = Find and Connect with 33-34 Icas Per Day

• 500 Exposures from Shutouts = Ask 3-5 Clients to Shout You Out in the Month

• 1,500 Exposures from Reels = Share 5-10 Reels in the Month

Amend This How It Works Best for You!

Do You Want to Skyrocket Engagement on Your Stories? 🚀

you Just Have to Remember 3 Numbers...


➡️ You're Going to Want to Save & Share This One!

Our Tested Formula Will Automatically Boost Your Instagram Story Engagement. 

🏆 It Is Based on a Proven Marketing Technique Called the Yes Set Technique. 

The Idea Is to Ask Your Audience a Set of Simple, Non-Intrusive Questions.

Than a Little Harder Ask of Energy and Information.

Finally, You Get to Ask the Hard Question. 

The Build Makes the Hard Question Seem Easier to the Audience. 

⭐ Here Is Where the Number Come into Play...

Instagram poll, Instagram stickers, Instagram quiz

📍 Post 3 Poll Sticker Stories - Ask Simple Yes or No, This or That Questions.

📍 Post 1 Slider or Quiz Sticker Story - You Are Increasing the Energy Required to Respond and the Complexity of the Question.

📍 Post 1 Question, Music Suggestion or Add your Sticker - These Are Free-Type So Require the Most Energy from the Audience,  and Ask for Their Opinions,  Thoughts, Questions, Suggestions...

Story Ideas to Help You Win at Audience Engagement 📈

According to Instagram, 62% of Users Become More Interested in a Brand or Product After Watching an Instagram Story 🤯

If You Aren’t Using Stories to Connect with Your Audience Already, It’s Time to Start!

✨ Story Ideas Will Help You Create an Endless Well of Content to Draw from and Get the Most Bang for Your Buck from the Platform.

✨ Share What You Were Doing 1 Year Ago in Business Vs. What You’re Doing Today. A Story Sharing Your Past Can Show Growth, Be a Pillar of Motivation, and a Great Conversation Starter for People Who Are in Your Shoes

✨ Talk About an Unpopular Opinion You Have Within Your Niche. Be Honest! You’re Probably Not the Only One with the View and It Can Open a Door of Trust for Your Audience.

✨ Take Your Audience Through Your Morning/beginning of the Workday Routine. Everyone Has Such a Unique Way of Approaching Their Day That It Is Always Exciting to Get New Ideas on What You Could Also Be Doing.

✨ Share Your Workflow. Show How You Find Success Within Your Workflow!


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