Instagram Content And Growth Ideas Without Showing Your Face| Reels, Single Post, Carousels, Stories

Instagram Content And Growth Ideas Without Showing Your Face| Reels, Single Post, Carousels, Stories.

If You Check Out My Instagram Account, You'll Notice That I Have So Much in My Feed.

What isn't Revolved Around My Face and Me Showing Up Face Camera.

So in This Blog, I'll Show You 4 Ways Four Different Content Formats That You Could Also Use to Show Up on Instagram Without Sharing Your Face and Still Grow Your Accounts.

4 Formats That I'll Go Over One by One:

1. Single Post:

Single Post Of Instagram Growth

The First One That I Wanted to Talk About Is Actually Single Posts.

So These Are Just These Normal Photos That You Would Post on Instagram, and I Want to Talk Through a Few Sorts of Formats for Single Posts That You Could Be Using That Work Really, Really Well.

  •  In Terms of Engagement.
  •  In terms of Reach.
  •  In Terms of Follower Growth.

But That Actually Are Not Revolved Around You and the Way You Look.

So Here Are Some Examples, These Are Single Quotes That I Often Put Out and That Work Really Well.

We Have Things Like Comparison Tables We Have, I Usually Do an Instagram Versus Reality for That.

Because It's Really Relevant for My Niche.

You Could Do Stuff Like Infographics So Showing Things That Are Quite Interesting and Educational but Showing It in a More Infographic Way Instead of Just Writing It is a Caption

Overall, It's About Creating Some Sort of One Single Post That Is Really Visual and That Helps You Know People Spend a Lot of Time on Your Content.

Why Is This So Important Because Instagram Cares About.

The Amount of Time People Spends on Your Content.

So When You Put Actually a Picture Out There, Most People Just Kind of Like Scroll Over It.

You Know They See It They're Like Oh Cool Picture Double Tap and They Scroll Whereas.

If You Put Something Like a Single Post That Is an Infographic Out There First Amazing Way You Don't Have to Show Your Face but Second of All It's a Lot More Valuable It's Lot More Attention Grabbing.

People Are Going to Be Like Ooh What Is This Oh I Need to Read This Okay Cool Interesting.

They Spend Some Time on Your Content and Instagram Is Only Going to Reward You for That and Actually in Return.

It's Going to Help You Grow as Well.

You'll See That Even a Lot of People Tend to Save These Type of Posts or Even Share It with Your Audience in Their Stories.

So Definitely Create a Lot of More sorts of infographics or Visual Single Posts.

Because They Work So Well and It's Not Revolved Around Your Face.

2. Carousels:

Second of All I Want to Introduce You to the Magical Carousels.

Slides Post For Instagram

So Instagram Carousels Are Something I Would Highly Recommend Anyone to Create on Instagram.

Because They're So Valuable, They're So Amazing for Safes.

For You Know, Instagram's Growth and They're So Amazing Because People Spend a Lot of Time on Your Content.

Because They're Like Wow, You Know Content is Valuable.

They Stripe Through It and They Keep Going.

What Is an Instagram Carousel?

A Carousel Is Actually a Post That Can Go Up to 10 Slides That You Put Together.

We Can Take a Person Sort of on a Journey of Educating Them on Something, Telling Them a Story.

 Whatever It Is That You Want to Share, I Create So Many Carousels.

 Honestly, My Account Is Like Pretty Much Carousel  Something Else.

The Reason I Do This Is that Carousel Has Been One of the Biggest Reasons That I've Been Growing on Instagram.

So Many People Go to My Account and They're Like Oh I Want to See Altamash Carousels Because

  1. They're Full of Value.
  2. They're Full of You Know Amazing Little Gems
  3. They Save Them, They Refer Me to Their Friends, and That's How I Grow as Well.

 So I'm Not Just Relying on an Instagram Algorithm, on the Contrary.

 These Carousels Because They're So Full of Value, and They're So Much More Than Just a Little Instagram Caption.

People Really Feel Like They're Getting So Much More Out of That So That Helps Me Build a Tighter Community and That Also Makes Sure That I Don't Just Rely on an Instagram Algorithm to Grow.

But I Have My Community Doing the Word Mouth Sharing.

My Carousels Saving.

My Care Cells Coming Back to Them Later and So Forth.

So, I Would Highly Recommend You Create More Carousels.

It's Amazing Because You Don't Have to Show Your Face.

But It's Actually Also Amazing for Instagram Growth When You're at It, and You're Creating Instagram Carousels, One Thing I Would Recommend Is to Kind of Leave the Last Slide for a Call to Action.

So on the Last Slide, You Could Put Something Like You Know Was This Helpful Don't Forget to Save This for Later or Share This with a Friend or Something Like That, Anything.

That Helps You Kind of Get the Ball Rolling and Make Sure That Your Carousel Also Brings You a Lot of Followers and So.

3. Instagram Reel:

Instagram Reels For Business

Then Moving on to the Third Format That You Could Use and That Is Reels but Within Reel, Not About Dancing.

  •  It's Not About Showing Your Face.
  •  I'm Talking About Reels Tutorials.

 This Is Something That Works So Well.

My Most Viral Reels Ever That Got, I Don't Know, a Bit Over a Million Views.

 I Think That Reel Literally Was a Tutorial.

So It Wasn't About Me Showing Up and Doing a Silly Dance.

It Was About Me Showing Some Sort of Things That My Audience Could Do Inside a Phone and Just Showing Like That What I Would Love for You to Focus On.

When You Show Up on Reels, and It's Not About You Showing Up with Your Face, of course, Is to Create Tutorials.

So If You're in a More Online Niche Than of Course You Can Do Tutorials That Are on Your Phone on Your Computer.

If You're More in a Physical Niche Meaning You Know You're a Painter or Something, of Course Why Not Show Some Sort of Time Lapse of You Painting and Showing What You're Creating or You Know Whatever It Is That You're doing.

 It Could Be Cool to Show Some Behind the Scenes and Show How You Do Certain Things So.

Tutorials Are Extremely Savable, Once Again Because People Are Learning Something from You.

So It's Highly Educational, but Again It's Also Amazing Because.

It Stands Out a Lot, Most People Are Indeed Jumping on Reels with City Dances and Trends.

 Instead of Thinking of How Can I Stand Out, How Can I Make Sure My Reels Actually Help Others.

 So Again Tutorials Reels Amazing It's a Gem, Most of My Viral Reels Are Like That.

So I Would Highly Recommend Doing Some of These as Well.

4. Instagram Stories:

Instagram Story

Last, of All, on Instagram Stories, I Know You Must Be Thinking Yeah Yeah in Your Stories.

How Can You Not Show Your Face, Everyone?

 Like Shows Up on Camera Like This, but Honestly, I Actually Don't Show My Face on Um Stories.

That Often Because I Don't Know I'm a Bit Lazy, I Don't Always Want to Show My Face on Camera.

But I Still Show Up Every Single Day, and The Way I Do Is That I Have Some Sort of Slides That I Use Sometimes.

When I Want to Talk to My Audience, but I Don't Want to Show My Face.


I have a Few Templates and I'll Show You Actually What They Look Like on the Side of This Article.


new Instagram Templates 2022

When I Want to Talk to My Audience I Just Take One of These Templates I Write Over It and I Just Kind of Make a Few Stories Like That.

So let's Say Something Happened and I Just Quickly Want to Share It with My Audience Like I Don't Know Whatever It Is Like Hey I Just Hit A Thousand Followers.

 I Would Be Like Taking That Template and Then Just Kind of Like Writing It on There and Then Putting a Poll in There or a Question Box or Anything to Make It More Interactive.

So This Is a Great Way to Still Talk to Your Audience to Make Them Feel Like You're Connecting to Them.

But You Don't Necessarily Have to Show Your Face.

So That's It for Today's Blog, We Went Over the 4 Formats and Sort the Design Examples That I Would Recommend.

So You Can Show Up Consistently on Instagram Without Having to Show Your Face.

Surprisingly, These Methods Are I Would Say the Ones That Helped Me Grow a Lot Quicker on Instagram.

It's Not Been You Know the Wheels Where I'm Dancing Around That Helped Me Grow, on the Contrary, It Was the Tutorials, the Infographics, the Value-Packed, Carousels.

So That Kind of Content Was Really What Helped Me Stood Out and Helped Me Grow a Lot Faster.

I Hope You Enjoyed This Article.

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The Hashtags Should Be Within Your Niche and Don’t Use General Hashtags. For Ex: If Your Account Is Related to Art and Sketch Then You Should Use Hashtags #Sketch, #art and Not #Fruit, #Animal.

Don’t Use 30 Hashtags as It Might Seem Spamming.

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