How To Increase Story Views On Instagram? Successful Instagram Reel Checklist!

How To Increase Story Views On Instagram?

How To Increase Story Views On Instagram?

Boost Your Story Views.

If You Want to See an Increase in People Viewing Your Instagram Stories, Here Are Our Top Tips:⁠
Use Stickers [Poll, Quiz, Emoji Slider, Question Box] in 50% of Your IG Stories to Increase Engagement.⁠

This Will Tell the Algorithm That Your Instagram Story Is Worth Showing to More of Your Followers.⁠
Share Personal and Valuable Content on Your IG Stories Instead of Only Sharing Your Instagram Posts & Reels to Your Stories or Only Promoting Your Offers.⁠

Stories Are Where You Can Humanize Your Brand and Build Connections.⁠

2 Easy Ideas You Can Try This Week Are:⁠
- BTS of Your Day⁠
- Tips and Educational Content⁠
✅ When Speaking on Your Stories, Be Sure to Type Out the Key Points You've Spoken About or Use the Closed Caption Option to Allow Instagram to Type Out What You Have Said.⁠

This Is Important Because If People Can't Hear or Are Impatient, They Will Skip Through Your IG Stories, Which Tell the Algorithm That Your Story Is Not Worth Showing to More of Your Followers.⁠
❗ Pro Tip ❗⁠
Check Your Insights to See What Stories Your Audience Liked the Most and Give Them More of That Type of Content!⁠ 

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Successful Instagram Reel Checklist!

Successful Instagram Reel Checklist!

What's Working for Our Reels...⁠
We Have Made Mistakes, learned from Them and Done Plenty of Research into How to Make an Instagram Reel See Large Reach.⁠
So We Wanted to Share with You the Top Elements We're Currently Using to Get High Reach with Our IG Reels⁠:

→ Trending Audios:
 Don't Forget to Look Out for the Arrow Next to the Audio Name.
We're Finding Using Trending Audios with Under 10k Reels Already Posting Using That Audio Has Been Amazingly Helpful.⁠

→ Text in Frame & Easy to Read: 
Choose a Font That Can Easily Be Read and Ensure the Text Doesn't Go Out of Frame⁠.

→ Clear Video Quality Is a Must⁠.

→ 8 Seconds Long Seems to Be the Sweet Spot for Increasing Views:
Anything Longer May Lead the Viewer to Skip Past⁠.

→ Hook and Call to Action in Your Caption to

1. Entice the Viewer to Read the Instagram Caption 
2. Prompt the Viewer with What They Can Do Next.
You Can Also Include a CTA in the Instagram Reel to Prompt Them to Read Your Caption for More Information⁠

Don't Forget to Provide Value!⁠

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How To Create Content Planning On Instagram?

How To Create Content Planning On Instagram?

Steps to Plan Your Instagram Content //⁠

After having a Chat with Several Small Businesses Over the Past Week, We Discovered That Content Batching Is Definitely a Skill in Which Many Businesses Are Struggling.⁠
So... We Have Provided Our 4 Simple Steps to Creating Your Content Plan!⁠
Step One: Check Your Insights & Brainstorm, Reviewing Your Analytics Is a Good Way to See What Is Going Well and Help You Generate New Ideas for Your Content Plan.⁠
Step Two: Create Your Content, Film Your Reels and Create Your Text Posts / Imagery / Stories So You're All Ready to Go for the Next Fortnight.⁠
Step Three: Write Your Captions and Select Your Hashtags, If You Need Help with Caption Writing You Can Visit Our Posts to Find Out How to Write a Killer Caption.

If You're Struggling with Hashtags, Reach Out to Us and We Can Tell You More About Our Hashtag Analysis.⁠
Step Four: Schedule Your Content to Be Posted. 
This One Is Super Important, Don't Rely on Your Memory to Post, as You'll Often Forget.

With @Latermedia You Can Schedule Posts, and Carousels as Well as Set Reminders to Post Reels and Stories!⁠
Did You Find This Simple Step-By-Step Breakdown Helpful? We Hope This Makes the Task of Content Planning Much Simpler for You and Your Business X⁠

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Why You Should Add Collaborators To Your Instagram Post?

Why You Should Add Collaborators To Your Instagram Post?

Let's Talk Collaboration //⁠
the Ability to Tag Collaborators Has Been Around for a While Now, but Many Haven't Been Utilizing This Feature to Its Full Potential!

So, We Are Going to Run You Through Some of the Benefits You Can Gain from Using the Collaborating Feature:⁠
1. B O O S T S Your Opportunity to Gain Engagement on Your Post.⁠
2. Increases the Possibility for You to Gain SALE  as You Can Add Products to the Posts Still.⁠
3. Increases Your E X P O S U R E to Your Collaborator's Audience!⁠
4. S I M P L I F I E S How You Collaborate with Others, Both Influencers and Businesses Online.⁠
5. Great to Utilize for GIVEAWAYS, Gone Are the Days of Having Multiple Giveaway Posts as You Can Add Many Collaborators to a Post.⁠
Were You Aware of All These Benefits of Using This Feature? Which One Do You Think Is the Biggest Benefit?

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