How Do I Get More Engagement On Instagram? How I Fixed Shadow Ban On Instagram?

How Do I Get More Engagement On Instagram?

The Secret to Growing a Large,IG Engaged Tribe Is To:

how do i get better and large engagement on ig?

➡️ Provide Value ⬅️

Sure, There Are Hacks and Things You Can Do to Increase Your Engagement and Speed Up Growth...but If You Aren’t Providing Value to Your Followers, They Won’t Hang Around Long.

Every Time You Post, You Should Be Providing Your Followers Value in One of These 3 Ways:⠀⠀

🤓 Educate/inform

When You Educate and Inform Your Followers, It Not Only Provides Value to Them It Also Positions You as the Expert in Your Field. ⠀

🗣️ Inspire/motivate


People Love to Be Inspired, So Share Your Stories, Be Vulnerable and Be You. ⠀

😏 Entertain

You Might Be Thinking: “Oh Gosh, I’m Not Funny 😳”

Don’t Stress! You Don’t Necessarily Have to Be Funny, You Can Use User-Generated Content Such as Funny Videos and Memes ( Just Make Sure to Give Credit!) but If You Are Funny - Use It, Because People Love to Be Entertained. 

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How I Fixed Shadow Ban On Instagram?

I Got a Strike on My Instagram Account

It Was for Something Really Dumb. I Called a Dog, a Dog (Literally) and Was Picked Up by the Ai as an Abusive Comment 😆

These Things Happen - and to Be Honest, I Am Glad the Ai Is Getting More Sensitive. a Bit of Annoyance for Me Is a Lot Less Bad Than Someone Getting Bullied Online! Besides - I Had Fixed the Damage It Caused in Less Than 10 Days.

but I Know a Lot of You Have Been in Similar Situations and It Has Taken Months or Years to Rectify the Issue. So Here Are My Top Tips If You Get a Strike on the Gram.

Appeal It -

No One Will Look at Your Appeal, It Probably Won’t Do Anything, but It Is Worth a Shot. You Can Do This from Your Account Status Section in Your Settings.

Keep Calm and Stay Consistent -

a Strike Will Push Your Insights Really Low. but as Long as You Keep Calm and Consistent, It’ll be Right Itself as Soon as the Flag Is Lifted.

All Killer, No Filler -

This Is a Time to Ensure You Are Only Posting Your Highest Quality Work. You Don’t Want Low-Engaging Content to Consolidate the Effect of Your Strike. This Will Make It Even Harder to Dig Your Way Out of

Reuse, Recycle, Repurpose - 

This Is an Excellent Time to Go Through Your Old Post Insights and Work Out What Content Gave You the Highest Possible Engagement Results. Reuse Some of These Old-Faithful Concepts to Ensure an Algorithmic Boost!

What You Should Definitely Not Do

⛔ Stop Posting Because You Are Not Getting Good Results

⛔ Save Your Better Content for When It Will Get More Likes

⛔ Let Short-Term Engagement Vanity Put You Off

⛔ Let It Get You Down - It’s Instagram. If You Get Low Engagement for a Week, This Should Not Be Impacting Your Mood or Your Business Long Term

If You Suspect You Have a Strike, Check Your Account Status by Going to Settings > Account > Account Status.

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10 Instagram Story Sticker For More Fun.

USE these unique stickers for more story fun ⬇️

Post Credit To: @Daniela 

1. Beaching

2. Happpyal

3. Summervibes

4. Summer days

5. Malenaflores

6. Boho summer

7. Sunnyday

8. Me time


10. Rainbows

✨ Turn your Ig stories into an engaging element of your overall Instagram strategy people enjoy watching!

When using Instagram stickers and gifs make sure they:

1. fit your branding

2. are relevant

And please don’t overdue it 🙈

Less is more!

Now, it’s your turn to have fun with these stickers!

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