5 Instagram Growth Hacks! New Instagram Algorithm Update

5 Instagram Growth Hacks

So You Want to Go on Instagram but You're Low on Time.

Don't Worry I've Got You in This Blog I Will Be Sharing Five Instagram Growth Hacks That You Can Start Doing Right Away.

That Will Help You Get More Reach on Your Posts and More Engagement on Your Account.

Not to mention, I'm Going to Share These Hacks in Two Minutes.

1. Instagram Reels:

Instagram reel 2022

First Up Is a Little Unknown Tip to Get More Engagement on Your Reels When You Post Your Reel, Make Sure to Post Your Reel to Your Stories 

This Is Because Every Single Story View Counts as a View for Your Reels

That You Didn't Know That If You Want to Take It to the Next Level Then I Really Suggest Adding a CTA Underneath Your Reel.

Telling People to Like and Leave a Comment on Your Reel.

The More Engagement You Get on Your Reels, the More Chance Your Reel Will Have of Actually Going Viral and Getting Shown to New Audiences.

2. Hack Number Two Is to Get Your Reels Reposted to Theme Accounts:

Instagram theme page

This Hack Does Take Some Time to Execute but Once You Do, You Can Grow Your Audience Exponentially

For Example, If You Are a Photographer:

You Could Get Your Content Reposted to Huge Photography Theme Accounts Like at Filmmakers

These Accounts Actually Curate Content from Other Creators on Instagram and Generally Have Really Large and Engaged Audiences.

When You Get Your Content Reposted You Tap into Those Audiences and a Percentage of Those Followers Will Come Over to Your Account If They Like What They See They Will Give You a Follow.

3. Instagram Trending Audio:

The Third Hack Is a Simple but Effective One, and That Is to Use Trending Audio for Your Reels.

Using Trending Audio Gets Your Wheels to Populate in the Reels Tab and When People Click on That Audio Your Reel Also Shows Up on That Specific Feed, This Means You Get More Eyes on Your Content.

4. Instagram Stories:

The Fourth Hack Has to Do with Stories and Specifically Using the In-App Engagement Features Like Polls Questions and Quizzes.

This Is Not Going to Directly Grow Your Following but It Is Going to Create More Engagement on Your Account.

Doing This Will Help You Connect Deeper with Your Current Audience, Increase Your Story Views and Not to Mention the More Engagement That You Have on Your Account.

The More Instagram Will Promote the Content You Are Posting to Your Feed.

5. Instagram Post:

The fifth and Final Hack Is All About Frequency.

You Might Not Want to Hear It, but the More You Post on Instagram, the Faster You're Gonna Grow.

If You Can Post Once a Day That'll Be Best, but If Not Try to Aim for Four Times a Week.

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What To Do Grow On Instagram In 45 Hours?

45 Minute IG Growth Tactics:

Let’s Break Down Your 3 Main Focuses for Growth on Instagram, and How You’re Going to Do It in 15 Minute Increments…

👉 Reach:

-Engage with New Best-Fit Follower Accounts

-Scroll the Explore Page and Engage with Pieces That Catch Your Eye in Your Niche-Even Tell Them That You’ve Found Them Via Explore and You’re So Excited About It.

-Engage with Content on Your Top 3 Hashtags (Bonus Points If They Relate with Your 3 Content Pillars)

👉 Relationships:

-Engage with 20 Community Members’ Content (Differentiate Yourself by Asking Questions or Sharing Something That Shows You’ve Connected to Their Content).

-Reshare Content to Stories from Your Community, Be That Something Inspiring, Funny, or Educational- Don’t Forget to Tag Them So They See It!

-Add 5 People to Your Close Friends List and Message Them, Being Sure to Ge Them Excited to Consume What’s on Your Close Friends Story.

👉 Revenue:

-Respond to The Warmest Leads’ Story with Value and Genuine Insight. This Is Not Just a Quick Response, This Is a Conversation Starter.

-Use Your Offer as the Example on Your Stories, Pulling Juicy Bits to Use as the Foundation for Mini pieces of training or Conversational Face-To-Cam Stories.

-Comb Through 3 of Your Posts Each Day and Add a Call to Click the Link in Your Bio. Make Sure This Is in the First 20% of the Caption So You’re Really Driving the Point Home. Then, Reshare That Post to Your Stories (A Great Opportunity to Remind Your Followers About a Certain Lesson) and Finally Save It to Highlights.

Get the Timers Started and Use These Tactics for Your Ig Growth in the Next 45 Min!

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