How To Revive A Dead Instagram Account? Is Instagram A Search Engine Proof?

On This Instagram Article You Will Learn:

  • What Instagram Formate Does Best Globally?
  • How Well Do Hashtags Perform On Instagram?
  • Their Advice For Getting Engaged Followers
  • Instagram Advice For Writing The Perfect Caption!
  • What Is The Best Time For Instagram Most Success?
  • Is Instagram A Search Engine?
  • How To Revive A Dead Instagram Account?

Hubspot and Mention analysed 110 million posts.

across 1 million users - 85 million posts from North America and 1.6 million from the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Here's what they found out about average engagement and best practices for Instagram... 

Benchmark Your Instagram Engagement:

Globally, The Average Engagement Rate Was 5.86%

In North America And the UK, The Average of 5.21% And 5.43% Respectively.

For an Account With 1,000 Followers, the Average Would Be 50 People Engaging With Each New Post.

What Instagram Formate Does Best Globally?

1.. Video Has An Average Of 24.25

Comments And 1097.9 Like. 

2. Carousel Post, With An Average Of 23.2 Comments And 933. Likes.

Their Advice For Getting Engaged Followers

  • Know Your Voice+ Branding.
  • Fine-Tune Your Bio.
  • Post Consistency (4X A Week).
  • Promote Outside Instagram.

How Well Do Hashtags Perform On Instagram?

Globally, The More hashtags The Better.
The Most Engaging Hashtags Were Highly Niche.
In The UK And Ireland, Small Business-related IG Hashtags Dominated.

Use Instagram Hashtags From Each Category:
  • Location
  • Branded
  • Industry
  • Community
  • Descriptive

Instagram Advice For Writing The Perfect Caption!

  1. Start Strong, Use A Hook.
  2. Stay True To Your Voice.
  3. Tell A Story- Start, Middle, End.
  4. Offer Value.
  5. Use One Main Call-To-Action.

What Is The Best Time For Instagram Most Success?

Data Shows Some Clear Trends.
Content Between 6pm And 9pm For Highest Engagement Rate.
Weekend Have A Slight Edge.

In London, Content Posted At 12pm, 9pm And 1am Saw The Most Average Engagement. 

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🧚‍♀️Is Instagram A Search Engine?

Instagram is a search engine Platform

Instagram is a search engine Platform

🗣 Instagram is moving towards a full search results page experience.

When you search for something they "try to match what you type with relevant usernames, bios, captions, hashtags and places".

So how do you optimise your Instagram? 

👉 Use relevant keywords/phrases that people are likely to search for when looking for content like yours

👉 If you're a location-based business, add your location to your bio

👉 Include related hashtags in the caption itself, not in the comments

👉 Optimise your bio to describe the type of content you create and who you create it for Remember that the words you use in your username, profile name, bio, caption and hashtags matter. Get specific!

Do you post for the sake of it or find yourself constantly wondering what to post?

You need a content strategy!

A content strategy is how you're able to effectively plan, create and deliver valuable content to your ideal audience consistently. 

Here are 6 things to think about: 

1️⃣ What's yours why?

What are your goals?

What do you want to achieve?

And how will you track its success?

Be specific!

 2️⃣ Establish your target audience. 

Who are you talking to?

Who is your ideal reader, client or customer?

What are their pain points?

How can you solve them? 

How do they speak? 

3️⃣ Establish your USP what sets you apart?

What's missing in your niche? 

4️⃣ What are your content pillars? What 3-5 themes or topics are you focusing on?

These should align with the pain points of your ideal audience and your interests or expertise. 

5️⃣ What's your schedule?

How often are you posting?

Where are your audience active and where are you showing up?

What platforms are you using and how?

Now put it all together and refer back to it when you create content, products or services. 


🧜‍♀️ How Do You Reactivate A Dead Instagram Account?

How To Revive A Dead Instagram Account ✨

📍 what can be done to get their Instagram account back “online” and running.

📌 Reality check: Your account can be dead for a number of reasons & sometimes it may not be your fault.

Instagram will only restrict your account if you don’t follow the guidelines they have set.

Here are some things you can try to revive your dead account:

1. Engage with your audience by replying to comments.

Visit other pages within your niche as well as leave valuable comments.

Use your stories to start conversations.

How to revive a dead instagram account

2. Go live. It’s scary as hell, but the benefits are immaculate.

 Plan it out and use the practice feature.

How do i revive a dead social media Acoount?

3. Share high-quality content.

High-quality content gives you a better chance of getting your post shared and saved, which increases your reach.

How Do You Get A Come Back On Instagram

4. Update your brand.

That means updating your profile photo, colours, highlights, etc.

BusinesIs It Harder To Revive A Dead Instagram Account For Busine

Are you blaming the algorithm for your low story views?

🤔 Perhaps you may be making these mistakes...👇 ❌ You don't create curiosity While you should strive to post more casual content, you still need your IG Stories to capture your audience’s attention before they swipe through to the next one.

 Do this 

👉 be creative with your stories, change the scene and use the interactive story stickers to make them entertaining and interesting. 

❌ You don't go straight to the point Who doesn't get bored watching someone´s stories who don't say what she/he needs to say right away! 

Do this:

👉 deliver your message in the shortest number of stories possible. 

❌ You don't caption your stories People might skip your stories if you don't add captions. Remember some people watch stories without audio! 

Do this:

👉 try to summarize what you say in a few words. 

❌ You post 100 stories at once Avoid being spammy by uploading endless stories at once. Your audience might click past very quickly and may end up unfollowing you. 

Do this:

👉 Split up your stories throughout the day Let me know if you´ve seen some other mistakes when you watch stories?

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