What Are 40 Interesting Ideas For Instagram Stories To Promote Your Brand? Worst Instagram growth tactics Avoid these Strategies!

The best way to convert followers into potential clients is to optimize your Instagram profile!

Instagram Bio Optimization

Your whole Instagram profile is what gives off the first impression, which is why you need to unleash all the best features on Instagram to ✨attract✨ and boost visibility.

When someone comes across your IG profile, these questions should be answered clearly

How To Make Your Instagram Profile Look Professional?

How To Make Your Instagram Profile Look Professional?

Here are a few questions to ensure you're making the best out of your IG profile and optimization ➔

Who are you? -

Make sure to at least mention this on your Instagram bio's name field

What is your expertise? -

Briefly tell what you do in your Instagram Bio and also make sure your content is clear on what you offer

Who do you help

Again, just give space in your bio to let your audience know to who you offer your services or how you can help. This should also be aligned with your content. Share content specifically to your target clients

What can your audience get from your content? -

Tell people why they need your service & how they can benefit from it. Share what they need and they'll see the value in it.

What are the next steps?

Don’t forget to add CTAs in your bio directing them to a website or add strong CTAs in your content/captions

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What Are The Most Common Instagram Mistakes Marketers Must Avoid?

Worst Instagram growth tactics Avoid these "Strategies"


It's 2022. Stop following up with an expectation to get a follow back.

Nurture Relationships instead

Follow for follow hurts your IG engagement. Period. Stop doing that.


just because a Instagram hashtag is trending, it doesn't mean it's right for you.

Keep hashtag relevant.

Random IG hashtags piss people off and hurt your engagement, next caller!!


Lots of posts don't make Instagram hashtags good or bad.

Choose relevant and niche hashtags.

Mix up hashtag popularity

Using only big hashtags makes you get lost in the mix. 

Niche down and find your dream audience!


People will follow you for YOU.

Keep your content original and true to yourself.

Be yourself.

COPIED content? Self-explanatory!


Post what you believe in. Post what you want.

Stop posting for the numbers.

Metric # conversion

Be authentic because frankly you come off terrible if you try to be someone else.

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33 Interesting Ideas For Instagram Stories To Promote Your Brand?

Did you know that most people share content via Stories, not their feed?⁠

Instagram Stories are a force to be reckoned with, and you need to be dominating that space.⁠

Good thing I have 33 Instagram Story ideas lined up for you 

What Are 40 Interesting Ideas For Instagram Stories To Promote Your Brand?

Instagram Stories are one of the best places to increase engagement on Instagram.


It's ok not always easy to think of things to post.
Luckily for you, I have got 33 Instagram story ideas you can get started with today!

  1. How you got to where you are today
  2. Your schedule for the day
  3. Your routine
  4. Weekly or daily checklist
  5. Quirks about you- what makes you different?
  6. Showcase your expertise

  1. A tip that's relevant to your niche 
  2. Go through your old posts and break one down in your stories
  3. A mind-blowing hack you just discovered
  4. Share the tool/ software you use.
  5. Time-saving or productivity tips for your niche

  1. Posts that you live from someone else (don't forget to tag them)
  2. Screenshot a comment that inspired or struck a chord with you
  3. Screenshot someone's page and say why you following them
  4. Share posts from other creators in your field that you know your audience will value.

  1. Benefits 
  2. How to use it
  3. Testimonials/ social proof
  4. What's included 
  5. Why you created It 
  6. Pain points offer a solution to
  7. Outcomes of using the product and services 
  8. How it became what it is today 

  1. Testimonials about your product and services
  2. Nice comments your followers leave 
  3. Positive DMs or emails you get 


Tell the. Something about you, and ask for their feedback via poll. 
E.g Agree/ Disagree.

  1. Share an opinion,  statement or opinions, then add a sticker for their response
  2. Share the results of the Snickers and expand-were you expect those results?
  3. What is their strength in your feed?
  4. What do they struggle with that's holding them back?
  5. What do they rely on you for?
  6. What content would they like to see more of?


1. Share something from your daily Routine (morning drink, snack, what's for lunch, etc)

2. Share a photo of your workspace with your today's to-do list.

3. Talk about a mistake you made and what you learned from it.

4. Show behind the scenes of something you're working on today.

5. Talk about your day (mini vlog) 

6. Ask your audience how their day is going( use the slider sticker)

7. Share a photo of you/your team and tell a fun fact about your business.

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