11 Savable Content Ideas For Instagram! How To Increase Your Instagram Saves Bonus Tips

How To Get More Saves On Instagram?

How To Get More Saves On Instagram?

"Saves Are Just Vanity Metrics"

This Is What You Often Hear, And Yes!

This Is True. But If You're Doing Business On Instagram, SAVES Matters Big Time!

But Why Do You Really Need To Create Savable Content?

Let's Figure It Out:

Why You Should Create Savable Content?

Saves Only Shows That Your Content is Valuable Enough For Your Audience And That They Don't Want To Lose It, So They Will Save It.

Saves Are A strong Indicator For The Algorithm To Show Your Content To More People.

Helps You Gain More Post Reach On Explore Feed.

Helps You Grow Your Account, Even Without Forcing Yourself To Show On Reels.


1. Create Evergreen Content That Would Always Be Useful To Your Audience.

2. Share Your Tips In Bullet Points. Stop Using Long Paragraphs.

3. Make Sure That Your Headline Is Readable.

4. Always tell People To Save Your Post IF That's Your Content Goal.


  1. Post Charts, diagrams, infographics
  2. Share A Recent Case Study You Have Done.
  3. Create A Valuable Cheatsheet.
  4. Share Tested Tools And Websites That Would Be Beneficial To Your Audience.
  5. Create How-To-Tutorials.
  6. Share Secret Hacks/Tips That Others Don't Know Yet.
  7. Solve Your Audience Pain Points By Providing Actionable And Easy To Implement Solutions.
  8. Share Your Process In Creating High Converting Content.
  9. Share Your Daily Checklist To Increase Your Visibility
  10. Create A List Of Industry Updates.
  11. Post Your Step-By-Step Process In Landing Your First Client.

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This Is How You Increase Your Instagram Reach The Right Way!

How To Increase Your Instagram Reach (5 Ways That Actually Work)

1. Collaborate:

Find Similar Pages Within Your Niche.

Contact Them  With Your Pitch.

Match The owner's Way Of Writing And Create Content To Serve Both Your Audience.

2. SEO:

Research Keywords in Your Industry And Within Your Content Categories.

Use Them Everywhere In  Your Profile.

Hashtags, Captions, Bio, alt-text etc.

3. Brand Personality:

Provide Followers With A Consistent Visual Experience.

This Way You Will Achieve A Higher brand Recognition Which Gives You A Competitive Advantage.


4. Interacting With Trends:

Add A Little Twist To Your Niche By Following Trend, Especially In Reels.

Due To The Algorithm Pushing reels More, Your Post Will Reach A Greater Audience.


5. Use Other Apps:

Post Your Content On Other Platforms, Such As Twitter Interest Or TikTok.

Always Include A Link To Your Instagram Profile.


How To Optimize Your Instagram Profile?

  • Must-Have:
  • Clear Username:
  • Recognizable Name:
  • Clear Profile Image:
  • Informative Bio:
  • Action Buttons:
  • Highlights:
  • Consistent Posting Schedule:

1. Username:

Choose A Username That's Simple And Easy To Find., Whether That's Your Business Name, Your Own Name Or Nickname.

2. Recognizable Name:

This Is a Searchable Name, So N=Make Sure To Choose Something That Other Search For.

The Latest Update Allows You To Add More Than 30 Characters, So Take Advantage Of It!

3. Clear Profile Image:

Just Like The Name, Your Profile Picture needs To Be Clear And Recognizable.

A logo Or An Image OF You Is The Best Way To Go About It.

4. Informative Bio:

A Successful Instagram Profile bio needs To Sell Who You Are, What You Do, What They Can Expect To See On Your Profile And A Clear Call To Action.

5. Actionable Buttons:

Action Buttons Such As Contact, Book Now, Reserve And Shop Now Are Al Great Call To Action and Also Great features That Allow Others To Take Quick Action.

Make Sure To Utilize These Features.

6. Highlights:

Highlights Are A Great Way To Showcase Your Products, Special Offers And Give Audience More Info On What You do or Even Show Behind The Scenes! Choose Highlight Covers That Match Your branding.

Create A Consistent Posting Schedule With A Variety Of Content Such As Images, Infographics, Carousels, Reels, Videos And Lives! 

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