Instagram and Facebook ads For food Restaurant?Facebook Ads For Restaurants And Food:11 Killer Ads Strategies

Instagram and Facebook ads For food Restaurants? Facebook Ads For Restaurants And Food:11 Killer Ads Strategies

Using Facebook ads can be highly effective a lot of people however don't know exactly how to use them in the correct manner.

Many of us can get started without prior experience.

So basically there are two ways how you can get started:

1. The first way you can simply visit the Facebook website or the app and then click on the post that you want to boost.

Then select the target audience.

thirdly enter the amount you want to use the ads for

finally, click on start this may not be the most wonderful process or the best-optimized process to run your ads because in this process you won't be able to select the exact target audience.

It may not help you to give conversions or it may not even reach the right audience.

So hence restaurant agencies just like us prefer using Facebook ads manager to run their day-to-day advertising activities.

In this blog, we'll be seeing the step-by-step process of how you can run your own Facebook ads using the Facebook ads manager.

What are the important steps to consider before getting started?

Step 2. One prepares a job plan

a lot of people who have just gotten started in the industry do not have a clue about how advertising works.

They don't know who are they reaching out to or who are their customers or what kind of budget I need to reach them.

So uh it becomes very difficult for a newbie like a lot of people in the industry to exactly use the data to reach the right audience for the brand.

So here we just trying to write down or chalk down the kind of uh the audience that they are trying to reach

the kind of budget that they need to reach them out.

The kind of terms or get familiar with them such as the cost per lead or the cost per click.

So that they can use that data to effectively run their ads.

Step3. Is the rapid fire test:

now in this test, we'll be exploring the basic three tiers of testing to find out what works best for your brand.

1. Number one is the audience:

now make sure when you're selecting the audience make sure you know who are your customers and then specify them in the Facebook ads manager.

In terms of age the kind of business they are in or the kind of sex they belong.

So all these data will give you refined uh data that tells you what exactly works best for your brand.

2. Now secondly select the offers that work best for your brand.

You can use varieties of hooks or offers that give you an understanding of what works best for your audience and what kind of offers will fetch me more leads or sales.

3. Thirdly select the kind of creative that works best for your brand you can do this by searching what kind of ad formats bring the best results

such as some people some brands have more sales through their stories or they use video formats to get more sales.

You can also go for a single image or the carousels that depend upon what works best for your brand.

You can also test down the variety of pictures or the ambience to bring more flavours into the creative.

See what still works for the brand step.

4. Keep innovating a lot of people forget that innovation is at the heart of advertising.

Now to be successful in the advertising world you have to innovate and you have to innovate it very fast and rapidly to adapt to the change in the market.

Now you can do this by uh simply capturing in-the-moment marketing or you can work on the seasonal calendar way beforehand the thing arrives such as valentine's week or Christmas or the new year and mark them as a marketing goal to capture more and more number of people for your brand or restaurant.

In these paragraphs now we'll be exploring how you can create a Facebook ad using the Facebook ads manager and I'll guide you step-by-step process:

how you can create your first ad?

Step 1. login to the Facebook ads manager

then select the campaign tab and then you'll be prompted on the marketing objective

select the marketing objective it is divided into three sections:

  1. the first is awareness
  2. the consideration
  3. then conversion

so select the marketing objective depending upon the goals that you have set for your campaign.

Which Objective is best for restaurant 2022

there are basically three types of objectives for a restaurant.

  • Reach 
  • Traffic
  • Engagement 

Step2. Select the name of the campaign:

you can keep it as simple as a restaurant name or a particular season that you're marketing it.

For you can keep that name and anything that you feel is related to the campaign

select that as the campaign name.

Step3. You will be prompted by another message that says add a set name.

So in this just make sure what kind of ads you're running.

Maybe it's for a reach maybe it's for traffic may it's a message or engagement.

Whatever it is just mention it here along with a date.

If that you can do because there'll be multiple ad sets once you start digging it more and more so it's best suggested to keep the asset name as close to the campaign and also put the dates for the asset name.

How To Set Campaign Name on Facebook Ads in 2022

Step 4. If you have selected the traffic option

it should prompt you where you want traffic to go be it on a website

be it on a WhatsApp date on your messages or app.

Whatever it is so make sure you select the right traffic for your restaurant 

Step 5.  Turn on the budget optimization

now in this scene, and you will be prompted by a message that tells you the kind of budget you want to allocate.

Maybe it can be a lifetime budget maybe it is a daily budget

whatever it is just select that and enter the amount of money you want to spend on the campaign or the ad set.

Secondly, you will also be prompted by your start date and the end date.

You can keep the end open if you want or you can make it run if you have selected the lifetime budget.

You can always skip the end of it and always just click on the start date so that your ad runs at that particular time.

Step 6. Select the audience:

a lot of people think that audience doesn't matter because, in the end, they'll be specifying the location.

That's it but in the long run, you see not knowing your audience can make a big loss for the campaign because you are not targeting a specific audience.

If the campaign is built in such a way that it targets a particular audience and you're not doing that then you're losing money at the end of the day

so make sure you select the right kind of audience and lastly select the location at which you are trying to run the Facebook ads.

Facebook gives you the flexibility to pinpoint the locations using the pin codes even or using a particular range of radius you want to spread your ads.

So use this feature to your maximum benefit and run your ads on these particular parameters.

Step 7. Select the ad placement:

a lot of people might be tempted to use the automatic placements because it just automatically gives you the best results but uh for us as a restaurant agency we prefer using the manual placements.

Because this gives us flexibility in where we want to showcase our ads.

Now a lot of sections in Facebook ads do not guarantee a lot of results.

Maybe it is the marketplace maybe it is for the news feeds or maybe it's in the stories.

So make sure you select the right kind of placement before you run your ad.

Step 8. is cost control.

now, this is a quick tip for everyone who has been reading this blog I have written down the average value of each section of the most important metrics.

You can use this amount to bid in the cost control section.

For example when we talk about page likes uh it costs you around two to five rupees or when you talk about clicking on your WhatsApp it costs around 10 to 30 rupees.

For impressions, it can be anywhere between 10 rupees to 15 rupees for a thousand keys or one key impression you can similarly get the engagement at 0.01 to 0.10.

Each engagement that you run.

Step 9. Now you'll be prompted with a new uh option that is the ad name this is the particular section where your ads will be running so name it accordingly.

You select the Facebook page you are running it for.

If you have multiple pages select the restaurant page that you are handling and then you go to the formats that work best for your brand.

Select the format it can be the carousels it can be the single image or the video.

It can be a group whatever it is select that and add the creatives on that particular section.

Step 10. the text and the objective specs for the Facebook ads

now in this try to select the kind of headlines you want to use for the ads the text that goes with the creative and a little bit of link if you have any

so that customers can click on the link and go to the redirected website.

Such as your dot play website or your WhatsApp business so use this feature a very uh better way.

So that it gives you maximum results.

Select the text and the campaign objectives for the Facebook ads now in this select the uh the text that you want to go with the creative.

Facebook marketing campaigns - Guide to Facebook advertising

Use creative headlines to attract attention and also attach links to websites or buttons if you have any.

Such as a dot p or the WhatsApp business so that customers can click on the ad and simply order from your restaurant.

Finally, you can use offline events to track the kind of customers that are going to the websites.

For this Facebook uses the Facebook pixels feature which tracks down uh customer activity.

In the links that you have provided, you can use this feature, uh to retarget your customers who just have visited your website.

They can see your ad on Facebook and then get reminded to come back to the website again and make the purchase.

So this feature is very highly effective if you're using a website try using a dot pay website if that helps to get started and I'm sure this feature is an absolute must for each and every brand that's about it.

Guys, I hope this helps you to create your Facebook ads for your restaurants using the Facebook ads manager if you face any difficulty you can always come down in the comment section and leave the message below we will be more than happy to help you with this and if you want to reach us directly you can reach us on the email that I have provided in the description that's it I will see you in the next video thank you.

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