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What Is Lead Parent And Teacher App

lead school application for parents app

Worried about how to get started with the lead teacher app.

Don't worry, in this blog, I can solve all your problems related to the lead app.

Lead is continuously striving to improve education in India, Lead App for parents and students to become more robust. it had everything from live and recorded classes to sections dedicated especially to parents.

Lead School, Born in 2013 And Now Leads School Working With 2000 School In India.

In this blog we will cover all your doubt relates to the lead school teacher app:

1. How to upload homework and tasks in the lead school app and website

2. How to upload photos and attachments in the lead school app and site.

3. How to see doubts in the lead school teacher website and app.

4. How to create a group in the lead teacher app

5. How to message students in the lead school app and website.

So let's start with a first step.

how to download the lead app in the google play store

So teacher and student see type the lead school parents app.

Now you can see the top most result with an orange colour icon name with "lead".

Install it.

lead school app apk

How to install and login into the lead school student and parent app?

In this section, we will show you how to install and login into the lead school student and parent app

Step 1: the app is installed, open the application menu and tap on the lead school icon to open the app.

Step 2: allow permission to the app how to register, and select your preferred language.

Step 3: tap apply to continue to enter your registered mobile number and tap continue to log in

step 4: if you don't know the registered phone number, contact the school to confirm

Step 5: now the app will show the registration screen please enter your name and desired password check the terms and conditions box and tap continue you will receive an OTP please enter the OTP and tap continue to complete the registration process and log in.

After login the app will show you a small tutorial, please tap to get started button this will help you to get familiarized with various student and parent app features useful features using these options your child can access all learning materials in one place with one single click such as goals for the day online classes homework quizzes doubts assessments and more you can view your child's progress daily activities school notices and much more under a single tab. 

Lead teacher app setting:

In the lead teacher app setting, you must want to log in as a student name and class you with the phone number you already registered.

Navigation bar in lead teacher app:

In the lead teacher app, you can see the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen.

There are 4 options in the navigation bar:

1. Learn 

2. Ask doubts

3. Parent section

4. Menu

1. Learn:

now let's get started with what is learned in the lead application

In the learn option, you can set goals in daily class or daily plan with a date.

After setting your plan, you can see goals any time by clicking learn option

It is very helpful for the teacher who can see which students are present and not attending this class.

If a student is not attending the class, it was showing you "pending" with a grey colour box.

For student lead app learn section:

Students can easily understand which class is live and which one is recorded by seeing a little box in the corner saying "live" in the learn section.

When live class is over, it's shown grey in a color "so students watch before its end"- the fun part 

Why I am not able to play videos on the lead app?

When you see there is no play button option, that means it is not started yet. If the sign change to the play button, that means the video is set to a specific time and its time is to start now.

How to check the next day's class in a lead app?

You can check the next day's or a specific day's class by going to learn section.

In the learn section, you can go through different days and classes.

You can also select a date as per your need.

2. Ask doubt

ask doubt in lead teacher app features:

In this section, students can ask doubt with according to subjects with their teacher.

3. Parent section

in parent section in lead app has four options:

1. Student report

2. School notice

3. My payments

4. Academic calender

In the parent section, parents can also watch how their child attends classes.

What is the school notice in lead teacher app?

If a school sends notice related to class or personal, then it shows in this school notice section in the lead app.

4. Menu

menu in lead school app. there are four main options in lead menu bar:

1. Practice test.

2. School notice.

3. Workbooks.

4. Class timetable.

Where you can find the timetable of a class in lead teacher app?

You can simply go to the menu in the last section of lead app and see the fourth option is "class timetable"

In the class timetable section, you can also see the live class time and recorded class time and attend with ease.

How to identify in the class timetable section the class was live?

Answer: The first step is, you can simply go to the class timetable section and see the red dot with live classes.

How to upload homework on lead school teacher app?
How do assign homework to students and various tasks?

How to create a group in lead school teacher app?

lead school Application for parents app download

Step 1: go to chrome and open lead school website

This app is assigned by lead for teachers. by clicking the enter button you can simply land in the teacher's section on lead app and manage all your classes and daily activities for students.

In this section first, you can see the top right corner "my classes"

1. My classes

2. Doubt/ uploads

3. Student report 

4. Menu

Step 2. Doubt and uploads:

Select the doubt and upload section in the second most option in the bottom main menu bar.

It shows you a window like this .You can also create a group in this section for tasks.

Step 3. Tap on the plus(+) sign on the right bottom corner.

In this, you can see two more options:

1. New conversation

2. Create a group.

Step 4: choose create a new group:

you can set a name for the group and see the section in the bottom name as "add students"

In add student section you can add students and select the done button.

How to assign homework in lead school app?

Step 1: go to the doubt and upload section at the bottom

step 2: you can now see the group you have already created in this section

Step 3: choose the group and open it.

Step 4: now you can see the frame like WhatsApp, Chat, attachment, emoji and send.

Now select the attachment button in the bottom right to the emoji button

Step 5: By clicking the attachment button, you can see the option files and photos.

Select the file and send.

You can assign homework like this for your students.

You can go through yourself and see the different sections and this is very simple.

All your doubtful sections are completed already. 

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