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We have some NEW Instagram Features for  2022 that You NEED To Know about!

We have some NEW Instagram Features for  2022 that You NEED To Know about!

There are 6 new Instagram updates you might have missed and I'm here to help you use them in your content marketing strategy! 

If you want to know how to grow on Instagram 2022, you need to keep up with the latest Instagram updates and be ready to change things up quickly and adapt. And we have so many new features on Instagram!

With the new engagement stickers, Reels templates and so many more, there are plenty of things you can do now to increase your engagement and boost your reach!

Today,  you’ll learn about the most exciting updates that you can use in your strategy to help your content perform better and make your life as a content creator so much easier! Ready? 

Let’s do this!

Hi, my lovely people, it’s "Altamash" and welcomes back to my blog where I help you create better content and grow on social media!

It seems like we’re getting a new update every week from   Instagram and that’s super exciting but it can also be quite overwhelming.

But not to worry,   I’m here to show you which ones have the most power to bring you more reach and engagement and give you actual examples of how you can use them in your strategy!

Without further ado, let’s get to it!

Update  #1 

Engagement Stickers on Reels:

This has to be one of my favourite updates to date! 

Let me tell you… I was in the process of recording a full Reels tutorial and this update randomly popped up on one of my accounts… 

I literally squeaked!

Given how powerful engagement stickers are on Stories, it's so amazing that we can add them to our Reels now too.

You have a choice of adding either a poll, a slider or a quiz sticker,   all of which display throughout your Reel.

This is a unique opportunity to invite your followers to interact with your content on a new level.

You can gauge their opinions on certain subjects,   find out how much they relate to something or ask them for a preference on a specific matter…. 

The possibilities are endless, and matching your sticker to the subject of your Reel can be a great way to make the content perform better for you.

Update  #2


speaking of stickers, we have a  completely new sticker in our Stories!

New Instagram Story Sticker Update

I have posted before about the Story Likes.

Now being available is quite good given that we have another way to see what kinds of stories resonate with our crowd more.

But likes are just likes, they don’t necessarily indicate that much in and of themselves!  Sticker interactions are definitely contributing to our engagement rate on Stories and giving us more opportunities to build relationships with our audiences!

That’s why this little new sticker is a great addition.

You can now add a reaction sticker to your Story with an emoji of your choice.

I love the idea of it because it’s like a virtual high five!

In fact, if you wanted to, you could easily use the high five emojis to engage your audience this way. 

Since it’s a brand-new feature that people may not be aware of yet, I’d make sure to include a call to action right next to the sticker, prompting the viewers to tap on it. 

It can be a way to share a   cup of coffee or tea with your viewers, ask them to celebrate with you or share in on an emotion of some kind while talking about something that just happened in the world.

"When you post a story with this reaction sticker, people can simply tap on it and see the reaction animation at the bottom and you can see who reacted in the special section of your Story Insights. "

What’s great about it is that similarly to other stickers, you can also message someone who reacted through the sticker straight from this view. 

It’s a great conversation starter! 

Update  #3


Pinning Post On Instagram

This update is brilliant because if used correctly, it can serve as the perfect welcome to your audience. 

Now, we’ve seen this feature on TikTok before, and most people tend to pin their viral or most popular videos at the top of their profile.

However, this is not necessarily the most efficient option given that the posts that performed best for you may not be the best representation of you and your business.

And what do I mean by that… you can use this pinned content to introduce yourself and direct your followers to your offer.

It’s an amazing opportunity for you to explain exactly how you help, invite them to join your newsletter,   redirect them to another platform you create content on and promote your service or product.

Similar to your story highlights, you want to make the best first impression!

My recommendation would be to pin one to three different types of content that touch on all of these points.

You can pin a photo or video where you introduce yourself and talk about how you help people, a Reel where you showcase what you do and how people can work with you on different levels and a carousel that’s educational and provides your ideal client with a quick win.


Update  #4


I’ve mentioned it a couple of times in my previous blog, but this update is quite an important one because it affects how well your content performs. 

At the end of April, the head of Instagram, Adam  Mosseri, announced that original content is going to be rewarded by the algorithm.

Two months later,  we still don’t know precisely what it really means in practice, but some of Adam’s responses on  Twitter shed a bit more light on this update. 

Foremost, we now know that editing your content outside the Instagram app is not going to affect its performance. 

Essentially, what you create is yours and there won’t be any problems if you upload your content instead of creating it within the app itself.   

Mosseri also agreed that it’s quite a tough thing to know for sure whether or not the content is original and they are developing tools that are going to help them recognize it better. 

What we also know for sure is that reposting watermarked content from other platforms, like TikTok, is being marked down by the algorithm as confirmed by Instagram before.   

Now is the perfect time to create a system for yourself to record your videos in a way that doesn’t leave you with a watermark. 

Whether you choose to remove it through a website that may still leave some metadata on the video itself or create your short-form video outside of TikTok,   make sure you’re not posting anything containing that watermark

Moreover, it seems that this update is heavily impacting aggregator pages, meaning the kinds of pages that don’t post content they created but rather repost other people's content. 

If you rely heavily on reposting, you need to be prepared that your reach is going to get down. 

All in all, I think this update should really invite us to include more original content in our strategies.

I’ve mentioned it a few times before, but incorporating original Reels versus recreating content with trending sounds is always going to be beneficial to you in the long run.

This way, you’re showcasing your brand personality and nurturing your audience uniquely that cannot really be replicated by anyone else! 


Update  #5


Although Facebook is no longer at the forefront of everyone’s mind, it still has a huge community of active users. 

Despite the talks about Facebook dying, having 1.960 billion daily active users as of April 2022 is still an incredible amount of people that can see your content.   

This is why the option to show your  Reels on Facebook too is a great update! 

Without having to post across multiple platforms, you can simply select for your Reels to be recommended on Facebook too and, this way, reach a slightly wider audience. 

Your Insights also show you the combined view count and like count for both Instagram and  Facebook, with the breakdown for each too.

With the organic reach and engagement being slightly down lately, it’s a great way to boost the visibility of your posts, and I  really believe every little bit counts. 


Update  #6

REELS TEMPLATES (editing templates):

If you’ve seen my videos before, you’ll know  I’m a massive fan of simplifying your processes and making things easier for ourselves as creators and business owners. 

That’s why I love this little update from Instagram because it allows us to create certain types of Reels sooo much quicker!

With the new Reels Templates option, you’re able to use the structure of a Reel that another creator posted and apply it to your own Reel.

Let me show you what it looks like in practice!


  • When you scroll through the Reels feed, you may  see the Use Template button from time to time,
  • sitting right above a creator’s handle.  
  • When you tap on it, you’ll open up a whole new panel of Reel edition, which allows you to add clips in the exact same sequence and timing that this creator used.

What this means of course is that you’re saving a   massive amount of time on trying to make your clips change on the beat, trimming them to fit a specific timeframe or trying to find that perfect moment for a transition.

One thing to note here is that Reels  Templates are only available if the original creator edited the Reel within the Instagram app itself.

This is how IG can actually recognize where the clips were and create a template for you to use.

So if you don’t see this option on every single Reel, this may be the reason.

For all of us busy creators, it’s a small step that’s going to allow us to quickly expand our Reels repertoire.

After all,  this allows you to create mini vlogs,   use photos or Live Photos if you use an iPhone, or create seamless transitions in a much quicker way and without needing extra skills for external editing apps!

We also have two more exciting updates which are  a bit more self-explanatory

so I’m mentioning them briefly here. 

You can now create 90-second  Reels, which gives you more space to tell your stories - and my tip would be to use it wisely and still keep the content engaging and snappy.   

Another update is that you can import your own audio to the Reels editor, extracting it from an existing video in your camera roll.

It’s a small update but, again, one that makes our lives a little bit easier.

I use Cap Cut to edit some of my Reels and loved this feature there.

So it’s great to see it within the Instagram app too. 

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