How To Live Stream Pre-Recorded Videos On Instagram! Go live on Instagram With Pre- Recorded Videos!

Live Stream your Pre-Recorded Video On Instagram

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with one stream you can schedule and live stream your pre-recorded videos to social media like Facebook, youtube, twitch, Instagram and many more.

All without installing any software to start:

can you post pre-recorded video on Instagram live?

Go to one stream. live to connect your desired social account like Facebook pages or Facebook groups youtube or Instagram channels to one stream.

As an example let's connect an Instagram account to one stream in a new browser window or tab type instafeed. me and press enter.

Click the button to go live on Instagram.

Now click the login with Instagram button enter your username and password and click the login button to sign into Instagram.

Copysync secret URL now goes to one stream dashboard and click the Instagram button to enter the social account name.

Choose use sync URL now paste the URL that you have copied from instafeed

in sync, URL click connects to one stream your Instagram account is now connected to one stream connected

social accounts will appear in the sidebar under accounts now you can upload a video and schedule it.

To upload a video click the new stream button in the top bar click upload or record button and select the video from the device click upload file to add it to the stream set.

The title description and tags set the date and time choose one or multiple social accounts and click schedule.

If the schedule is not set then the video will automatically go live after one minute

A list of scheduled streams will appear going live signal will appear under the video thumbnail

when the stream is ready to go live and that's it you can click the thumbnail to view the live video streaming on Instagram.

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